Designer Jewelry appraisals...need suggestions!

  1. I had my things appraised for my insurance rider which cost me a percentage of the total appraisal which I know is standard. What I need to know is that I have one item, a Chanel Fine Jewelry White Gold and Diamond bracelet that got appraised for it's basic gold and diamond value but isn't even close to what it's worth or what I paid. I contacted the store where it was purchased (I do not have the reciept) in 2005 and they would not do anything for me because it was under my ex-husbands name and they will only give him the information or copy of the original invoice. He won't help me out. Any suggestions?
  2. They should be able to verify the authenticity of the piece, and then give you replacment value. Can't they do that? Their lack of customer service puzzles me. I would go straight to the manager. And if that store isn't helpful, put a call in to New York and tell them you need your piece authenticated and valued for insurance purposes.

    Just because you lack proof of purchase, doesn't mean it isn't real! What do they want? A copy of your divorce decree?? Puhleeze!

    Good luck to you! I hope this helps!!
  3. The more I think about your problem, the more ticked off I get!

    Please keep us updated on what happens. I do hope you are able to get it resolved to your satisfaction.

  4. Well to update, I have spoken with the NY store and they are willing to authenticate and appraise the bracelet but since I do not have the original reciept and am not the buyer listed on the piece on the date given for the purchase, they want to charge me an arm and a leg to do so. Nice of them. Guess I am just SOL and the bracelet goes into a box in a drawer and I'll never have anything to do with Chanel again because they are absolutely impossible to deal with. Such is life.
  5. Thanks for the update.

    Sorry it turned out so badly. Hard to believe that they wouldn't be more accomodating. Obviously they don't want your business that much.
  6. Wait! There may be hope! You could find an independent appraiser in your community who is familiar with designer goods and will appraise it for you. Don't give up yet!

    Especially if you can get a quote from somewhere of what a similar bracelet is selling for.
    Also, Neiman Marcus might help you because they have CHANEL BOUTIQUES in some of them. Its worth a try, no?
  7. Neiman's can't help, tried, but thanks!!! I am looking into appraisers in Philly that sepcialize in Designer brands!!! (gotta be cheaper than sending it to Chanel-they are just nuts) Thanks much!
  8. Good luck!