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  1. do you all own pieces of designer jewellery?
    personally i own about 10 pieces of gucci and 2 dior. Really want some armarni hoops too
  2. no designer jewelry here for me.. although i do really want some of chanel's fashion jewelry pieces..
  3. I don't. I like custom jewerly more.
  4. i only own a TISSOT watch that was given to me for my 21st b-day, but it cost a BOMB and i hardly wear it :shame: .... but last night i was in the LV store and saw these really cute hoop earrings! 0o0o I want!!!!!!! :nuts:
  5. LV do have some absolutely fabulous jewellery dont they, i love the silver bracelets with the LV signs on!!
    i have to buy a gucci watch some point this year, its got to happen ive wanted one for years!!
    Ive got a gucci ring due in 2 weeks, my latest item, it was a present for christmas but the original was too big and the wrong style so i ordered one... but it wouldnt come for about a month :sad: at the fact designer shops dont open until the middle of january!! but when i do get it, it'll definately be worth it
  6. wow! when you said you had 10 pieces i assumed that one or two of the pieces would be a watch! :nuts: i was actually quite surprised when i walked into LV and saw they had all this new stuff, eg/ sunglasses, earrings, rings, :amuse:
  7. i prefere "serious" jewellery: cartier, salvini, bulgari.
  8. well i suppose when your 16 years old, dont have a job and dont have rich parents then gucci and dior are perfectly acceptable are they not?
    and no none of my items are watches, although i would love to add watches to my collection this year :biggrin:
    im also going back to paris in 5 weeks so there may be a new bag or some more jewellery added then.
  9. everyone must buy what pleases themselves:lol:
  10. HOLY CRAP! you're 16!! you're SO lucky to have such beautiful stuff! I'm on 24 and i purchased my first LV bag last year!!!!! Keep up the hard work and keep saving those pennies!!!!!!! :biggrin:
  11. I would love to see your collection gucci girl - what bags do you own :biggrin:
  12. haha thanks, i get things for christmas and birthdays etc.. i also bought 4 pieces on hoildays last year from wages i earned over the summer.
    i dont really have designer bags, a few dkny and a LV holdall but its both mine and my mothers so my jewellery is my designer addiction.
    im also addicted to dior make up, i must have about £300 worth of it, and the lipglosses, i have about 50... that are just dior and another 30 odd of different designers/makeup brands

  13. Yeah I have normally got most my stuff from birthday and xmas- i have just graduated and only had a job now for like a week LOL My first ever job:shame: - so hopefully more goodies coming my way LOL

    I also am addicted to the dior make-up limited pieces - It all started from the dior girly pallette, which I got to match my dior girly bag - ever since then I have always got the dior make-up limited pieces - i loved the dior sparkling pallette - the pink one - i have the ring too and rarely use it as the lipglosses are not so much my colour - also I like to use them rarely as I just like to keep them . The dice too is cute , I love that one esp now that I have the dior gambler purse to match LOL -- I wonder what they will have next :P
  14. i have some chanel and gucci pieces.
  15. lol i love my dior girly compact!! i use it every day and dont know what im going to do when it runs out!!!
    the first one i got was the lipgloss in the palette with the pink diamantes on!! i have them all since then :S lol i have only used my dice once, and i tend not to use my ring either.. although i have the blue eyeshadow one not the pink lipgloss one... my mum has both but not used them.
    i was hoping to save up and get a bag when im in paris next month but i have £6 in my bank lol but its my birthday next week and im getting money off everybody so hopefully... and i should get a £100 bonus from school with any luck *crosses fingers* so that should be enough for even a purse!
    my friends think im mad spending all that money on makeup and jewellery (i have over £1000 worth of jewellery) but i cant justify buying fakes instead and i need the good quality makeup for my skin!!
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