Designer Jeans vs. Non-designer jeans?

  1. Hey girls, I had a question:
    What is the difference between designer and non-designer jeans? I've been wearing mostly American Eagle jeans, but I've definitely been eyeing a few Sevens.
    Also, I'm about 5'8 and not overweight, but whenever I wear American Eagle jeans (I wear the super low rise--cause it seems to be the only option when I'm in the store), I get these buldges on my hips (my hips buldge over the jeans). I don't know how to get rid of those except to size up, but if I size up, then the legs on my jeans become super loose and the waist starts to get loose. I'm tired of looking bulky, especially when I wear tops that are form fitting.
    Thank you so much, beautifuls! :flowers:
  2. I am probably in a VERY small minority here, but no designer jeans for me. I actually spent an evening a few weeks ago at Bloomingdales and Nordstroms trying on just about every brand of designer denims and the outcome was that a pair of $40 Levi's skinny jeans were the most flattering on my body.
  3. I think it is more a question of jeans that fit you vs jeans that don't!

    Every body is unique, and it could be that the jeans that fit you best are expensive designer jeans, or inexpensive non-designer jeans.

    You just have to keep on trying on all kinds until you find the ones that work for you, no matter what the label says - after all, you won't be wearing the label! :biggrin:
  4. I agree with this.

    I used to wear designer jeans but gave them all away to my sister. I now only have three pairs of the same style/color Levi's.

    It's really about what fits your body type best.

    Although I do think that designer jeans tend to be made with better denim ... so I am not crossing them completely off my list....

    Also, really great deals can be found during the end of the season/holiday sales. I saw racks of $50-$60 jeans at Saks last spring, which is about the price of a pair of non-designer jeans....

  5. I am sure this will be looked down on, but, I don't wear designer jeans. I am a bit heavier than probably most people on this board and have tried every jean in the world (well-almost!) and I find that Old Navy jeans just look the best on me.

    go with what looks good!
  6. To me jeans are a wardrobe neutral; they are not the highlight of my outfit. I wear them when I am casual (which is not often; and that just means with a cashmere sweater) or with something spectacular on top. I prefer something simple and unornamented. Fit is most important to me.
  7. You girls are sooo sweet.
    So should I just go shopping around and see which jeans fit me best? If i want to get rid of that bulge that appears around my hips (I get those when I wear super low rise), should I get jeans with a higher waist?
  8. Yes-why not get "just below waist" jeans?
  9. I agree with this. I also agree that it's more about the fit and washes than, say, the quality of the denim (which does not vary much in my experience.)

    However, I have found that for me, designer jeans tend to, as a group, have the best combination of fitting well and being flattering. I can find jeans that fit me great in low-end lines (Banana Republic's Contoured jeans are really comfortable on me, for example) but they just don't look as good. There are designer jeans that don't work on my body, of course, but there are a lot more brands that DO work for me in designer than in non-designer.

    You have to ask yourself how important jeans are to you, as well. For some, jeans as an investment piece might not make a lot of sense. I wear jeans probably once a week, so I only own one great pair now (they are Citizens). If I wore them less than that, I probably wouldn't go designer at all. Having a varied collection of designer jeans was a lot more important to me when I was in school, and wore them every single day.
  10. Wow, ashlend, thank you!
    I'm a college student so I wear jeans more than anything, although now I am looking more into dresses/skirts.
    Since jeans are pretty much a staple, I'm going to go look into both designer and nondesigners to find the fit.

    When shopping for jeans, do you have a sales associate help you in the fitting room? I've always had my mother with me, but I think that a sales associate might be really helpful in looking at the fit, and considering the other brands that might fit better.

    Nishi--thank you for the suggestion. Is that your son in your picture? He's adorable!
  11. Another suggestion, when I went to the Levi's store they had this electronic fitting booth that calculates your size -- the computer told me to try a TOTALLY different size than I thought I wore and they fit perfectly.
  12. Oh wow! Where was this?
    I live in So Cal but I've never heard of a machine like that! How amazing! Would the size just be for Levi jeans or would it also match for other sizes, too?
  13. i tend to wear designer jeans, just because the material is usually much more.. idkk? lol you really have to shop around, and take a look at a bunch of designer jeans.. and you will eventually find a pair that suits your body figure the best!.. for me its SFAM!.. so i own quite alot of them! haha.. but just look around and find a designer made for you!! goodluck
  14. Yes, that's my youngest-and thank you!! :flowers:

  15. OMG-that would scare the life out of me! I would be so afraid of the size it would say! :Push: