Designer Jeans VS. Non-Designer Jeans?


Couture Denim...or Not...?

  1. Designer - True Religion, 7s, R&R, Juicy, D&G.....

  2. Non-designer - Mavi, Guess, Roxy, Silver.....

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  1. i own about a dozen paris of jeans....basic student uniform :rolleyes: but they're all brands like Mavi, Silver, Roxy, Billabong, Shank... u get the idea. i was wondering... Do designer jeans really make that much of a difference? :blink:in what way? i've never owned a pair of R & Rs or 7s.. i do admit they look really really cute... :girlsigh:but a pair of great lookin booty perking Mavis can cost as little as can$50, and the 7s are about can$300!! is it worth it? i've been eyeing the vic beckham ones... :love:
  2. IMO designer jeans are a better quality. with the exception of rigid jeans, designer jeans feel more softer to me and they last longer as well.

    but hey, if non-designer jeans fit you best, stick with it! it's about how clothes look on you, not about how expensive they are
  3. i only wear (aussie) designer jeans - sass & bide, tsubi and bettina liano... i cant wait to go overseas and try on paige denim and siwy.
    i think stick with whatever suits you. if you're happy paying $300 for a pair of jeans, then do it! and im sure your booty looks good in whatever you're wearing! ;)
  4. i completely agree!!!:yes: :yes: :yes:
  5. I also agree with this. Designer jeans fit me the best, so I buy them. I'd rather have a few pairs of great-fitting jeans than lots that don't look so hot on me. I buy them on sale whenever possible! But if I found some less expensive jeans that looked just as good or better on me, I'd definitely wear them!
  6. i like the fit of designer jeans more so now that's all that i buy.. the only bad thing, i'm only 5'1 so everything has to be hemmed.!
  7. I definitely only buy designer jeans. Don't know why but can't buy anything else. I love the way it looks, feels etc =)
  8. it's another one of those things that once you switch you *really* can't go back. i thought my old 20 dollar jeans from ross were great. fit well, comfy, durable, etc. then i bought a pair of sevens. i get compliments on my jeans every time i wear them now (and always from people who's next question is what brand are it's not like they're complimenting the price point or anything)

    i wore a pair of my formerly favorite mossimo jeans from target to garden in about a month was like night and day. the fit i thought was so great? really unflattering. the length i thought was right? quite short in reality. and really not comfy anymore.

    the only thing i dislike about designer denim is it's hard to find pockets without crazy designs on them. oh well. they do exist. :smile:

    if the best jeans ever for you happen to be levi's GREAT!! i'm jealous! but for me, it's designer denim from now on...much to my husband's dismay.
  9. Absolutely designer denim! I think 7 and R&R looks the best on me... I'm such a small person, that their smallest size is just good for me! It was really hard to find good-looking jeans before that! The fabric is amazing, and I like to buy jeans with fun details, but that still look classy.
  10. i do not care i buy whatever fits me best wheter it is zara or mccartney
  11. I agree with ilzabet...once you land your first pair, it's hard to turn back! I love the way designer jeans are died to make my legs look longer and leaner, how they lift my butt up, and how they're faded just right. And I think they pull my outfit together better when I'm carrying an expensive purse.
  12. i buy designer now but have some non-designer pairs and I love them all equally! I do find that the designer ones don't stretch out and lose their shape like the cheaper ones do.
  13. Ditto -- I used to be happy in my AE jeans, thinking it was silly to spend so much money on designers. Then I tried them and got totally hooked. It's hard to go back now. I just donated a bunch of my old denim to make room for the new:wlae:
  14. I have an affinity for jeans! Years ago I use to think spending $200 on jeans was crazy. Well i guess i am insane because i own way too many. Now I consider it a steal if they are under 150. Love 'em!
  15. i've just recently twigged on to designer jeans and yes... my old $40 jeans that i thought were bootylicious were really not after getting my first designer pair: paper denim & cloth. my latest acquisition is the rock & republic v. beckham jeans with those silly crystals on a pink crown and boy do i love them. i think the neurons in my brain aren't firing properly because i still regret buying a $30 pair of crap jeans (they seemed nice at the time!) yet i had no problem dropping $450 for the R&Rs!! :sos: next on the list is a pair of james jeans and then i'm done. 4 pairs is quite sufficient and besides i gotta start saving for the chanel 06 fall line!!