Designer Jeans shopping in Seattle?

  1. I'll be dropping by WA (from vancouver, BC) next month.... where's a good place for discount designer jeans shopping? i need to grab a few pairs of straight legs to wear with my boots!! :yahoo:
    anything good at the Seattle Premium Outlet? Barneys? any sales?:shrugs:
  2. I don't know about the outlets, but you should definitely check out Riveted on 1st avenue downtown. Nordies and Barneys are also good bets. Not sure about sales tho...
    Have fun and enjoy the exchange rate! :smile:
  3. Seattle Premium Outlets doesn't really have any designer denim, except Juicy Couture denim! It's the only place that I know that still sells it. As far as discounted denim goes, check out:

    - TBC, outlet for Sway & Cake; it's on Pine in downtown, right behind the flagship Nordstrom
    - Nordstrom Rack, outlet for Nordstrom; there's one in downtown Seattle (forget which street this is on, couple blocks up from Macy's as you walk towards Pike Place) and a bigger one in Lynnwood near Alderwood Mall

    While downtown you should also hit up IAN, Zebraclub, Sway & Cake, Nordstrom, Macys, and Riveted like the other poster mentioned. Barney's didn't really impress me last time I was there, but who knows, maybe they've started making better mark downs! Olivine is another dainty little boutique, but it's in Ballard. If you're in the Fremont area, check out Bliss and Dream.
  4. check David Lawrence
  5. NICE...!! thanks so much girls...!! :flowers: