Designer Jeans Quandry-need help!!

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  1. Hi,
    I am interested in buying some newer designer jeans. Are seven jeans the same as seven for all mankind?
    Where is it easier to get jeans? Our big stores in Philadelphia are Bloomingdales, NM, and Saks.
    Also, I would like something that doesn't run super low cut. I am 42, but I wear a 6 or 7 size. Also, I am only 5'3" so a jean that comes with different inseams helps. Although, I have done some hemming in my time if necessary.
  2. Bloomies, NM and Saks should all carry Seven by Mankind (dubbed "Sevens" often just for the ease of it, but the same thing).

    If you're 5'3" any pair of designer jeans you buy will have to be hemmed, but NM and Saks will do that for free.
  3. free hemming! That's a wonderful thing!!
  4. There is seven for all mankind, often referred to as seven, but also another brand called seven7, hence the confusion. For all mankind is the bigger brand, more trendy & youthful (IMO) and seven7 is more "grown up-hip", I guess, not as low cut and tight, and in general not as distressed. Cant say that one is better than the other, that depends on what styles you like and what look you're after.