Designer Jeans Online - Best Prices?

  1. When purchasing online, who usually has the best sales/prices/discounts? Thanks!
    they often do sale on TR, AG, Paige. also you might also apply codes. sometimes 20%, 15%. Good luck!!
  3. eBay! i got a pair of skinny Habitual jeans in black for $30! Usually they're $225+tax in Canada.
  4. Nordstrom, Neimans, and other online retailers often have great sales, but they get snatched up pretty quickly. Sign up for, put in the brands you want notifications about, and they'll email you whenever that brand is on sale. I've been able to find Sevens, Citizens, and other designer jeans for under $80 using that site!

    Other sites to check out are,,,
  5. I have great luck with, shopbop and
  6. Pretty much depends on what brands you are looking for, but I make daily rounds through the sales section of,,,,, and for great steals. Both revolve and rapunzel's allows you to apply discount codes to sale items.

    Bargain hunting is my thing, though, so I also frequent a lot of smaller boutiques in general scouring for deals and have had quite a lot of success with this method, however inefficient it may be (my best deal so far has been for some Seven jeans marked down to $35 at Also, always consult the Deals & Steals section of this forum to see where the latest sales are!
  7. Blueroofdenimdotcom. regularly has 50% off all of their clothes and jeans. I got a pair of William Rast jeans there for $100!
  8. Definitely Revolve Clothing:wlae:! Plus they have awesome free shipping for purchases over $ 100 worldwide, that is a plus for overseas people like me:lol:.
  9., they they don't have as many brands as other websites. And sometimes they have free shipping. eBay is good also, but beware of the MANY fakes there!