Designer Jeans GIVEAWAY!

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  1. Hi everyone! I've been really happy lately and I wanted to share my love with my darling PFers. I am giving away a pair of brand new designer jeans, Rock and Republic, Sevens, True Religions, Citizens, you name it I'll give it to you in your size and the style that you want. My favorites are R&R Victoria Beckhams, and I have those in jeans and capris. If any wants in this giveaway just reply in this thread by friday (June 30th) and I"ll get my PLH to pick a name out of a box and choose the winner on Saturday. I will ship to anywhere, as long as you can get it! :flowers:

  2. count me in!!!!
  3. Wow, how sweet of you...

    I would love to be in on this contest. It is just so generous of you, I'm currently on a summer diet so need some new jeans to show off my new bod but my student budget won't really allow for it.

    Thanks for entering me :flowers:
  4. count me in too :flowers:
  5. Oh wow.. that's the sweetest thing ever! :flowers:

    Count me in as well and thanks for being SO generous!!
  6. Free jeans? I'm in! LOL!
  7. Please count me in...
    Thanks. you are so nice.
  8. Wow... that is awesome!!! I just found out I get to wear jeans on Fridays at my new job and now that I am broke as a joke living in NYC that would be amazing if I could win!!!! :yahoo:

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!!
  9. honeychild you are so sweet!

    PLEASE count me in :love:
  10. Oh cool! Count me in, what a nice gesture!
  11. Yes please, I'm happy to enter too!
  12. You should model it for us... :sneaky: :P
  13. Please count me in...thank you for your generosity and for this opportunity:flowers:
  14. Woooooohoooooo DESIGNER jeans, how very sweet of you.
    Please count me in, put me on the list, sign me up...I guess you can tell I want in on this......Thanks :P :P :biggrin: :smile:
  15. I'm in - wow, you are so generous!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.