Designer jeans for THUNDER THIGHS ;)

  1. Hey ladies!

    This is rather urgent - I'm headed to either Bloomies or Bergdorfs after work and plan on getting a pair of jeans for my friend's birthday. Her body shape is teeny waist and somewhat thicker thighs(well, thicker than your average Asian girl..) and perky booty haha. We call her Thunder Thighs for kicks lol.

    Anyway, would prefer something with some stretch (like 2% lycra) and in bootcut or straight leg and preferably Citizens or Sevens.

    I know the Joe's Honey fit is supposed to sort of fit that shape but I'm shopping for her first pair so would like to get a more classic brand.

  2. That's an expensive purchase for a gift for a hard to fit shape. Could you get her a gift certificate so that she could try them on herself?
  3. ^ I agree w/ the gift card idea. Then, go w/ her and give her some honest input. As a woman w/ larger thighs, even if something technically fits, it still may look awful the way the pant lays.
  4. i normally would get her a gift card but she's one of my closest friends lol so i thought it might be too impersonal.... i was def. going to include a gift receipt though haha!
  5. Seven's Ginger jeans are pretty good. They're a wide leg jean and pretty great. I love them. They come in a range of colors too!
  6. You are seriously brave trying to buy jeans for your friend. I understand that you don't want to get a gift card though. Well, they are not high end, but Michael by Michael Kors jeans are flattering on larger thighs (straight leg but not skinny leg styles). They retail for about $110. However, they aren't Citizens or Sevens. Also, Lucky makes jeans that are flattering for thicker girls. Most of the really high end stuff is on the skinny thigh side... Don't know if this helps at all. Although you are feeling anti-giftcard, you could get her a gift card to store with a denim bar (it would be more specific to what you were going for, but would take the pressure off of you).
  7. I am a curvy girl and I love Joe Jeans. I have also seen a lot of curvier girls wearing them and I think the jeans fit our bodies really great.
  8. i agree with seven for all mankind Gingers
  9. i have thick thighs and citizens fit me soo well. any style. they are basically the only jeans i wear.
  10. another vote for sevens. they are classic. she can always exchange them for something else if she doesnt like them.
  11. I tried on 5 different styles of Joe's jeans and they were all cut more generously in the thighs than any other style of jeans I've ever tried on.
  12. I have thick thighs and I love:
    - Paige Robertsons
    - Joe's The Muse
    - James - any style makes my butt look fabulous!
  13. ^ I have thick thighs too and I agree- Paige Robertsons are great! :yes:

    But I agree with Elizat's suggestion. Jeans are a personal thing; I know I wouldn't want someone else picking them out for me:shrugs:...
  14. i hear citizens of humanity are good for curvy girls.
  15. I would go with True Religion Joey Stretch jeans. Size up if you buy a medium or light wash. The inseams twist so it gives an illusion of thinner thighs.