designer jeans for the not so skinny

  1. Hey ladies!

    i need some advice on getting a pair of nice designer jeans... my issue is that i'm not as tiny as some of you on the tpf! I am a fit size 10 but for some reason I've never been able to find a great designer pair that works with my body type! (5'6 very flat tummy, hippy, athletic legs Even one of my best friend (who's about a 6) can't find a decent pair! Am I hopeless??? :confused1::confused1: Or do any of you brilliant ladies have any suggestions!!?!? TIA
  2. I would suggest Paige Premium Denim or Joe's Jeans for the "not so skinny" - myself included. :smile:
  3. i run a boutique, and the best seller for women with your body type is joe's jeans 'the honey' aka the booty fit... it really hugs curves and makes custys feel great:tup:
  4. ^ I agree with the Joe's Honey Booty fit.

    I have bigger legs/thighs and my favorites are: 7 For all Mankind Signature Bootcut, Paige Robertson cut, Hudson supermodel flap-pocket and TR Joey. Also, trouser/wide leg jeans tend to fit well and they're everywhere right now. HTH! :smile:
  5. I have found certain Sevens to be a good fit. The are roomier in the thigh and butt area and depending on what cut.... smaller at the waist to make for a flatter tummy. =) GL!
  6. thanks ladies! I'm so excited to go shopping this weekend... I'll let everyone know how it goes! I'm open to anymore suggestions if ladies still have them- so keep it coming thanks!!!:yahoo:
  7. I am a size 12 :gasp: lol and I didnt like paige but I love joes I take a 32 also I seem to do the best in rock and republics size 32!
  8. True Religion Joey or Bobby - both are boot cut and the pockets really flatter the bum!! ;)
  9. also try citizens: like 7fam but I find they're a tad roomier in ths thighs
  10. Cambio and Christopher Blue usually work for me.
  11. I'm also not so skinny and wear Joe's Jeans and SFAMKs.
  12. i second the joe's and seven's. i have found seven's to be the best brand by far for us not so skinny girls!
  13. Same here. I prefer the Havanas or the Flynts.
    Also, True Religions fit really well on me, I love the Joey's, Bobby's and Billy's.
  14. Joe's and Sevens definitely, they are all I wear and I fluctuate between an 8 and a 10, my waist is around 30", I'm the same as you, fit, flat tummy.
  15. Have you gone to the TrueJeans website? They have a lot of info on fitting jeans along with a questionaire as to what jeans will fit you best. You might find some different brands and styles to try. Hope that helps.