designer jeans for big hips & small legs?

  1. i have kind of an odd body type & it can be hard to find jeans that fit really well.
    my hips are bigger than my legs & butt, so a lot of jeans that fit my legs are too small for my hips.
    most of my jeans are 7FAM, & i`m a 26 in most styles & a 27 in a-pockets. i can`t buy a lot of the stretch styles b/c they get loose around my thighs, and if i go a size down (to 25), they really don`t fit my hips.
    i have a pair of hudsons, sz. 27, and i really like the fit.

    does anyone have a similar body type & know a brand that just works amazingly for you?
    i love my 7`s but i`m curious to see if there are any brands that are specially made for a figure like mine.

    thanks mucho!
    xoxo, anna
  2. a lot of R&R run large in the waist. i would try those.
  3. I have large hips myself and I can only wear Hudson's and Citizen's (Kelly Bootcut). I can't wear 7's or Joe's Jeans because the material is too thin and my hips stick out in them.
  4. Paige jeans would be prefect for you. They are a good fit in the hips and tight on the thighs/legs. Otherwise 7FAM, Roxanne fit might be ideal.
  5. thanks, y`all are awesome =]