Designer Jeans Don't go higher than 33?

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  1. hi...i was out and about yesterday trying to find some jeans that would flatter my...larger bum and hips and thighs but according to the people in the designer jeans dept at selfridges...designer jeans only go up to a size 33. is this true? are there no designer jeans for the 36-38 kinda gals like me?

    i apologise if this is a repeat....i had hoped to buy some flattering jeans (i'd heard good things about joe's jeans) but they're all too small?

  2. paige jeans are fabulous. Not sure what you mean my "designer".
  3. well i'm a US size 8-9, but 33 just sounded very small and not like something that would fit me at all. but sz 14 is way too big
  4. maybe i'm being daft. is the 33 for your waist or your hips...because normal people have hips that are slightly bigger than 33....? i mean a 33 is classed as a US size zero!
  5. I'm somewhere between a 6 and 8 (now a bit more on the 6 side) and I wear a 29/30 so you might wanna go ahead and try a 31-33, you never know. GL!
  6. Oh, then you'll have no problem fitting into 30-33. I am a US size 6-8 depending on the brand of jeans, and I wear a size 27-29.

  7. Like others have said, you shouldn't have a problem fitting in to those sizes.. I'm like an 8 and end up buying anywhere between 29-31 depending on the fit.
  8. oh, excellent news, thank you ladies!!!!
  9. Yes I am a 6 or sometimes 4 and 28 fits perfect.
  10. ohh, i've never noticed that until you pointed it out. but that should be plennntttyy big for you:biggrin: a size 33 is like a US size 16! if you're 8-9, 29-30 should be good for you!

    ??? size 24 is actually whats equivalent to a US size 0.
  11. 33 is the waist.
  12. i feel so silly now :shame:
  13. 34' is common. sometimes 36' you have to look.