Designer jeans at Target??

  1. I just got back from my local Target, and they are carrying several brands of high end jeans...True Religion, Joe's Jeans, Diesel, and Antik Denim. Has anyone else noticed this at their Target?

    I also overheard a sales associate telling a lady they were going to get Prada bags and Dooney and Bourke too.
  2. wut?!?!? ur not serious....?
  3. you are so kidding
  4. Uh, no.
  5. No, I'm not kidding. The True Religions were $140, and the Antik were on sale for like $31.00. I cannot imagine why they ended up at Target
  6. Haha. Crazy. Well Target is owned by Marshall Fields, or was.
  7. maybe they were outta season jeans... remember the samurai true religions? they were at off Saks for 115 !
  8. I don't believe this. Especially them selling prada bags...
  9. I know... I was a little :confused1: about the Prada bags, too. I guess I will have to see that one to believe it.
  10. They originally said that Coach would be sold at Target. The Coach bags on the shelves at Target were not authentic, and Coach ended up suing Target from what I heard, so if there is D&B or Prada at Target, be cautious.:yes:
  11. There were threads about the fact that Target was trying to carry more "upscale" items. They are carrying Dooney bags. They were carrying Coach, but I don't know if they still since they are being sued by Coach for selling knockoffs.

    Here's the thread about the Coach suit:

    Here are the threads about Dooney and Coach being carried at Target:
  12. i do not belive either bleccchhh :biggrin: ill buy my designer stuff at NM not my grocery store
  13. I havent seen it yet. The next time I'm at target, I'll look around.
  14. I can't speak about the jeans but Isaac Mizrahi and Luella have lines in Target that are exclusively for Target. Recently, D&B and Coach were bringing fraud charges on Target for selling fake purses.
  15. True, I'll bet. I've heard about the True Religion jeans being there before.