Designer jeans and short legs

  1. Is everyone that buys designer jeans tall? Because I'm only 5'3, wear pants w/ 30 inseam and most designer jeans are like 34 inseam! wut do u guys do w/ those designer jeans? i want a nice pair but i'm asian and i'm short!
  2. You can get them hemmed! :smile:
  3. I am 5'1 & True Relgion Joeys fit me great in length & style. They are not too long or short! I would try those! Also, if you don't like the length of it most places will tailor them to your height for free & you can't tell anything has been altered at all!
  4. i don't like getting pants/jeans hemmed because it wont look as great
  5. I am short and long legged but still get some jeans hemmed but always with the "original hem" put back on. It is more expensive than regular hemming but it looks really good.
  6. Ahh, I just hemmed my own pair of designer jeans I bought two months ago. I'm 5'3" and they are always 5-6" too long on me. I am going to have to try the original hem.

    Chigirl: How many inches do you usually need to shorten your jeans? I am afraid that since I have so much to chop off that the excess on original hemming won't work...
  7. I'm 5'3" and my new True Religion jeans are way way way too long for me. Fortunately Nordstrom provides complimentary alteration. You might want to look into that.
  8. I'm the biggest jeans addict ever and I'm only a 30.5" inseam. I get all my jeans hemmed, some with the original hem, others not (depending on how distressed or unique the hems are). Since most jeans are 33-34", that's a good 2.5"-3.5" off and my jeans still look fine.

    Nordstrom's does free original hemming on all jeans purchased in store. Any good tailor can do an original hem between $15 and $25. A regular hem is around $10 to $15.

    I don't know if there are certain brands that are shorter than others. Paiges tend to be very long so you might want to stay away from those. Certain Sevens are super long as well (like my NYEs).

    Oh, one last point: I wear a small jeans size, and I find that the smaller sizes tend to be a "bit" shorter in length than the larger sizes. I have one pair of Sevens that I didn't even have to hem. Imagine that!
  9. hah! being only 4 foot 11 with a 28 inch inseam, i always get them hemmed with the original hemming, let me tell you sometimes they hand me back how much they chopped off, and it's like 8 inches of material.
  10. ask for an 'original hem', like the name says, they hem the jeans so that the original hem on the bottom is attached and you can't really tell that it's been hemmed (if you have a good tailor that is).

    other than that, you really have no choice unless you look for designers that make 'shorts'. Also I heard that designers make jeans longer than the average leg length because you can always shorten jeans but you can't lengthen them :amuse:

    I attached two pics of the original hem on my Paige's and AG's (and I did it myself :biggrin: ) for you; you really can't tell the difference, especially when you're wearing them. plus, no one is going to be paying that much attention to your hem
  11. Ooh! Jen, do you think you can take a pic of the inside of the hem?? I want to see how that looks so I can do it myself as well. TIA if you can! :flowers:
  12. Jen, you're really GOOD at this! Your jeans look flawless!
  13. I'm a shortie too, but I have an amazing tailor and a love affair with high heeled shoes! My tailor always leaves the orig hem unless it's a trouser jean.
  14. I know this is off topic, but Fayden I love your new signature! Fayden lickin good! That's so cute! :lol:
  15. Definitely! Actually since I don't have either pair with me at the moment (they're at home being washed), I'll PM you pics I found.