"Designer Inspired" or "Knock Off?"

  1. I was walking by the Nine West store on Madison Ave. (NYC) yesterday and saw this bag in the window in silver. I did a double take! Instead of the hanging CC it had a big circular silver ring. Then this am. the Today show was doing a fashion segment and there was the bag again. The commentator remarked this will be the hot style for sprng.
    mercury shopper in black patent $120.00
    Oversized shopper is daring in glossy black! Interior features slash zip pocket and two pouches. Hidden magnetic closure. 22"w, 14"h, 9" shoulder strap drop.
    sorry the photo wouldn't copy paste but here is the link:

    It's like the Cabas.
  2. haha there was a post about this before....

    i think some other designer is doing "chanel-inspired" styles too - was it bebe?

    the thing is....some people ACTUALLY do not know that the ORIGINAL is Chanel and buy from these designers - there's nothing wrong with that...it's just that i would hate to buy a bag thinking it was unique, only to find out that it was a knock-off from some other designer...KWIM?....like i was duped or something....

    this is where intellectual property laws should come in handy but it's so murky....
  3. This is called plagiarization. The definition of plagiarization is "to steal and pass off as one's own without crediting the source" and "present as new and original a product derived from an existing source."

    A designer who fits this definition is no longer a designer and should be called an idea-stealer, a copier or plagiarizer.
  4. To me, these bags are knockoffs and fakes. I don't know how they're allowed to do it and get away with it :cursing:
  5. The Today show segment was about how to be stylish on a budget. Probably not targeted toward the prototypical Chanel buyer. Like most everyone, I love a great deal - but I was similarly aghast when I saw the fake silver shining at me!
  6. i prefer to think of these things as "designer inspired". i suppose i can see why many people would find such "inspired" pieces loathesome, at the end of the day there are many, many, many people who can't afford to pay more than $200 for a bag, much less $1000+++, and these "inspired" pieces allow for such people to enjoy a very similar design at a much lower price. if you've got the original, be happy and confident in the knowledge that you've got it, and IMHO i wouldn't sweat the small stuff (i.e. seeing inspired copies around... its bound to happen, especially when a certain designer item is immensely popular! eg. chloe paddy, MJ stam, Balenciaga bags etc etc etc have spawned a trillion inspired copies and it doesn't bother me one bit, even though i have some of the originals) :smile:
  7. Imagine Beethoven modifies Mozart symphony a bit and then claims as his. It isn't right. A noname-inspired is more acceptable than a "designer-inspired", IMO.
  8. There is no patent protection for apparel or accessory design. There are registered trademark laws that apply to brands CHANEL(R), Louis Vuitton(R), Hermes(R). The brands distinguish themselves alone on quality and brand recognition of their products. Thus, NineWest is allowed to do it. Who says the same design can't be made affordable to the masses? Design is for all. Owning the real thing...now that's the exclusivity of the brand.
  9. to me, they're knock off!
    the "designer inspired" sentence are only about legal knock offs.
    they're way worse than knock offs actually, because the are legal and it's worse!
  10. Very good point.
  11. i think that nine west has some very nice styles and does not need to copy chanel for me to buy their brands they should try and be more creative on their own.
  12. i agree, i think they're fine doing on their own.
    why oh why they MUST do this? it's like they're losing confidence and pride!
  13. you just took the words right out of my mouth - but expressed it in a much more eloquent manner!

    i feel uneasy saying this because it may sound like an attack on some of you (and it's NOT) - but, there are many many many people who can not spend $100 on a bag. If we were to take a step back from out jaded world, we would realize that spending in excess of $1K for a BAG is not quite the norm. Don't get me wrong, I too reside in the said jaded world. Most (all) of you ladies here work HARD for your moolah and VERY well DESERVE your treats :yes: (i consider my purchases retail therapy for my stress at school :sweatdrop: ).

    I'm all for making the trend available for the masses. What I am uncomfortable with is the existence of a select group of people who would point fingers at the innocent consumers of such products. And so, I am uncomfortable with having these products marketted as "new and unique" styles when they are clearly not so.

    After all, how many people in the general population religiously follow each and every new season of handbags, and each and every new lookbook?

    It is one thing to knowingly purchase said "designer-inspired" pieces. It is yet another to unknowingly purchase said item and walk around a potential prey for some vicious fashionphiles.

    What I am against is the victimization of innocent unknowing consumers - consumers who do not have the time nor leisure to make it a point that they are up to date with every new design of every new designer.

    I apologize for the rambling. Something must've gotten into me... :shrugs:
  14. I saw it in Bebe and I believe they have ones that has the Bebe monogram logos....which I think makes it look worse.

  15. Not rambling at all! It's an excellent post!