designer inspired bibs!

  1. at first i thought "do people look at this seller like they are ripping off the company?"

    i concluded no, that it was a sweet idea for people who are so into their labels they want to spread the joy to their bundles of joy! Etsy is such a cool site!

    these are what i found. the bibs come in an assortment of LV prints, one Gucci print, and 2 Coach prints. i think they're HOT!

    30 bucks for something that'll get potentially puked on tho, i dunno. they're handmade and cute tho lol
  2. My housemate is currently building a website with his company for designer baby apparel. Tori Spellings little bundle of joy will be modelling some of it when the site is up and running. It's going to be crazy expensive! The company is called Aristabrats.... name says it all really...
  3. i just think it's a neat idea to have a bib with the print like that... it's cute, even though it's not made by the specific companies. i think it should be a compliment to the designers! :smile:
  4. It could be considered counterfeiting that they are using other companies' logos, and it could land them in serious legal trouble.
  5. That is SICK! These people are counterfeiting and should be reported!!!:cursing:
  6. they're stating that it's not real tho?
  7. Yea, doesn't matter because they don't have permission to use the designer name or logo.
  8. It's considered as counterfeit also (fakes) because it is not made directly by Louis Vuitton. Do you agree with me guys?
  9. yeah i can see how that's wrong. she's selling a fake print for 30 bucks...
  10. that is trademark infringement...They could get their butts in a sling over it...cute or not. If LV didn't give them permission, then it is illegal.
  11. I agree! :yes:
  12. This is not inspired... it's fake. Kinda cute, though. :shrugs:
  13. Fakes
  14. Well, yes I agree they are fakes, and yes they are probably crossing some line of legality somewhere, BUT, the bottom line is, they're adoreable!

    Excuse me while I go order a few bibs. I might just order some for myself as well!