designer inspired bags

  1. mandy, you have the right to buy and enjoy any bag your heart desires.

    I can certainly see the initial appeal of those bags but just know their design, material and construction will not be that of a nicer bag.

    I own bags in this price range from buys of long ago and still enjoy some of them.

    I did peek and some of them are very designer like, especially the BBag knockoff. At least they are not trying to make you believe they are real designer bags.

    If you like them, go for it and enjoy.
  2. Oh, I can't bring myself to do it - I just think they are cute! I can't carry a bag and know it is fooling people. I will feel too guilty! But I think it can be tempting when you see that you can buy five bags for the price of one!!!
  3. Those bags are more than inspired by... they're copies. Inspired by is fine but IMO copies equal stealing from the designer.
  4. You aren't affending me! I think you have every right to ask any question, and own any bag you want--as long as it's not a fake claiming to be real.