'Designer Inspired' Bags: Your opinion


What is your opinion on 'designer inspired' bags?

  1. They cheapen the value of the real bags people buy

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    They are a good way for people who cannot afford authentic bags to keep up with trends

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  1. Coach and MK are notorious for selling 'inspired' bags. I can see understand why people who work hard and save a lot of money to get an original design would get annoyed.

    While I do agree it somewhat 'cheapens' the look, I'd rather someone carry an inspired one than a fake. I think it's great that certain companies make designs more affordable but when it's a 99.9% copy and the only difference is the label attached to it, I get slightly turned off.
  2. Oh my goodness, I SO agree with everything you just said here! Especially the last paragraph.
  3. Thank you m'dear :smile:
  4. I agree Cat you buy a bag for its functionality beauty and price ! I buy bags to serve my purse to carry the things I need to put in them ! I am practical I don't like fake or knock off's inspired will suit me well!
  5. Sometimes I think that designers get also inspired...by what others made 20 or 30years ago!
    I remember one of my old my black bags .....it looked like Marc Jacobs' Stam....
    It's so difficult to imagine new shapes.....
  6. It's funny, too, because like someone else said, I didn't even realize how many bags were inspired by other bags until I started paying attention. I've seen SO many bags that look like the Celine luggage bag lately.

    The whole fashion industry functions this way, honestly. It's like in that movie The Devil Wears Prada, when Meryl Streep's character sort of puts Anne Hathaway's character in her place by showing her just how unoriginal her what she thinks is totally original outfit really is.