Designer? Help!!!

  1. I received this purse as a gift from one of my hubby's clients. It is supposed to be a well known designer purse, but I don't recognize the designer's signature. Can anyone help me? TIA
    purse1.jpg.JPG purse2.jpg.JPG purse3.jpg.JPG purse.jpg.JPG
  2. Hi, what does it say ?? :smile:

    edit - just saw it, Wilderness, Ive never heard of it, maybe you can post this in the Hanbags and purses sub forum.
  3. Hi thanks for your response:smile: It does not read any designer in words...It has a signature of either a lion or tiger...and reads under this Wilderness Made in France...Just click on the picture for a larger view of the signature... Would have any idea who the designer is?
  4. I guess they need better PR.