Designer Handbags, Please?

  1. At Christmastime my family can't resist giving each other gag gifts. I had business cards made for my family with the funniest thing they had said this year (2007). They got me back and gave me some with the words "Designer Handbags, Please?" on them. I have uttered those words at least a hundred times in the past few months (calling Saks, Nordies, Bloomies, etc...!)

    What traditions do you do for Holidays?

    Happy Holidays to you all!
  2. oh wow, thats so cool:okay:we don't do anything special besides eat and get together. I guess I gotta start my own fun tradition...

    Happy holidays to you too....:flowers:
  3. We just eat together as well. Our best comes in Chinese New year where we get "red envelops" with money inside:graucho:!

    Oh, my mom and aunt does this "gift" exchange thing the best. They will be eyeing what they wanted, and then go shopping together. THe next thing you know, aunt's got a new ring and mom's got a new scarf. And guess what, aunt's ring is a gift from mom and mom's scarf is a gift from aunt! Pretty cool, huh?? Too bad that I don't have a sister. With my brother, it will be like, "yeah, we are back from home depot...oh by the way, the fertilizer is a gift from my brother and I gave him 10 packs of steer manure in return...", LOL.

    Happy Holidays!
  4. Love card would say the same as yours.....LOL
  5. LOVE IT. What a fun imaginative group you have. I would be ROTFLMAO if someone gave me that!
  6. That is so cute and original! We never do stuff like that - right Suze? We just wear our gifts early and eat too much and gain weight. At least I have. How am I going to fit into my New Year's Eve outfit?
  7. How cool!!! We don't really have any special traditions besides everyone coming to our house and eating, playing game, and chatting.

    Happy New Year to you all!!!!
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. My brother always gets us pretty good. Once, he wrapped a gag gift in an Ipod box. I totally thought I was getting an Ipod. When you get a gift from him, you never ever automatically assume you're getting what you think it is.
  10. ^^^ DH's uncle gives him gifts like that, but I'm not sure if it's meant to be a gag or if he's serious. One year he gave a partially used gift card to a restaurant and another year some flash!!!
  11. OMG! A partially used GC? Hmmm... my MIL once gave me used sterling silver earrings (um, gross?) for a Christmas gift, anyway. If she had offered them to me "just because" I guess it wouldn't have felt so offensive. For years she did stuff like this and it was Not a Joke! She sent DH and kids "new stuff". Now she sends cash. DH told her to just send us all a Christmas card if she couldn't swing something "new" for all of us. (much nicer than I'm putting it, of course).
    Weird. I think she just didn't like me. We get along fine now that I've had to put my foot down here and there. She respects me for it.:graucho:
  12. These stories remind me of when my brother, who was about 8 or 9 years old, gave my Dad an old used wallet for Christmas, he wrapped it up really nice and watched as my Dad unwrapped it, the look on my Dad's face was priceless, he didn't know what to do.
  13. ^^aww, that's cute. It's different when it's a kid? My daughter bought some toys at a garage sale for her cousins. My brother and his wife were gracious when they unwrapped them. My mom was quick to say "she bought them with her own money, wasn't that sweeet?" They smiled and said "yes, that was really sweet honey". I tried to discourage her from wrapping them, but it really was important to her. She could never get away with that as an adult!!;)