Designer Handbags in Manila Philippines

  1. Hi Ladies,

    To those who live in Manila, where is the best place to go shopping for a designer handbag. I've heard about Bagaholic in Makati, does anyone have experience buying designer bags there?
  2. Every "huge" designer is at Makati. Hermes, Gucci, LV, Chanel enjoy.
  3. Thank you for the info!
  4. Greenbelt felt like a smaller Union Square to me. All the upscale store you can think of are there...

  5. Thanks!, I bought my Chanel classics in Chanel Boutique in Union Square. I love it there. Have you ever try to go to this Bagaholic where they sell luxury pre-owned handbags?
  6. i've seen the store many times but have never gone inside as i haven't really been looking for a bag. i did see the store in their old location though, which was quite small. i sometimes drop by their watch store (same company) and a few bags would be on display, like i've always seen a chanel gst tote and it retailed for about 160,000 pesos = 3,700 USD if i remember correctly. not quite sure if the bag was brand new though.

    are you planning to visit? here in manila, a lot of resellers are also online, on facebook and multiply, with both brand new and pre-owned bags. i would think they'd allow to do meet-ups so you can view the bags. there's also another store similar to bagaholic in greenhills, san juan.

    hope this info helps! :smile:
  7. Makati is the place to be - Rustan's Makati, Greenbelt. In Mandaluyong City, there's also Rustan's in Shangrila Mall.
  8. Thank you Ladies! for the shopping places recommendation. I had fun shopping in Greenbelt area, also I got lucky to purchased a good deal Chanel Mini flap in Bagaholic where they sell variety of luxury branded handbags