Designer handbags cheaper in the States?

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if designer handbags are cheaper in the States than in Canada? And if so, is there a big difference? Thanks.
  2. oh, i don't think so...
  3. There is a difference, but I have not found that it was worth the trip over the border. An example would be my neo cabby it is approx. 1550 in the U.S. and 1850 in canada. The problem is there is not an LV store close to the border. Now, some people have found with other bags (ex. Balenciaga) they can save substantial money buying online. But then you have the whole costums mess. Sooo....unless I am already away on vacation, or I am going to the coach outlet in buffalo, I just buy here in Canada.
  4. thanks for the info ;)
  5. don't forget the %14 tax in some states they even do not want tax even they do it's generally %5..If you are going few times states in a year,it would worth it
  6. My neigbour across the street lived in the states for many years and says its better and cheaper in the states. She rarely shops in Canada and just waits until she's in the states. You can find some great deals when the sales are happening or at the outlets.
  7. wwwayyyyyy cheaper! a swinpack at holts is $190, vs $118 USD. worth the 3 hr drive to syracuse to me! just cut of the take and wear it home!
  8. Yes, I think the states are cheaper. A Coach SA told me their bags in Japan, which include exotic skins, are more expensive overall. That includes the same bags that can be found here. And not just bags. In London, I noticed Ralph Lauren Polo was much much more expensive:s
  9. what irsk me though is that our exchange rate is only 5 cents to the US dollar. things should b much cheaper here! i bought a pair of earings at tiffany on vaca and saved $95!

  10. I AGREEE! :yes:
  11. thanks everybody! I think I will wait until I take a vacation down in the States after all.
  12. Doubtful