designer handbags and diapers??

  1. How many of you use a designer bag as a diaper bag? Something like a hobo or largish tote. I have been searching for the perfect bag for a long time but my problem is that I HAVE to try on a bag before I buy so online is hard for me. I am near Boston so the stores tend to have a limited selection.

    I've just been using my old Longchamp nylon fold up with long handles but I want something more fun. All my pre-baby bags are too small.

    So I'm not the only crazy person who wants a designer purse to carry diapers and toys around right?
  2. With twins (now four years old), I always felt like I was carrying around enough stuff for an overnight trip! Even now, I have to have a large(r) bag for all of my "mommy" stuff.

    I liked to use coach x-large hobos (not their diaper bags) and a Kate Spade nylon shopper. I also used several "designer" diaper bags. By far, the best was DanteBeatrix diaper tote. Their short-to-long handles were so comfortable and the patterns were nice---not at all "babyish"

    A large balenciaga hobo would work nicely.
  3. I really want a large purse, not something that is sold as a diaper bag - I have never seen one I could imagine carrying.

    I have been thinking balenciaga hobo or a gussto hobo (totally different price ranges I know). Gotta have something I can put over my shoulder!
  4. I have a Bal. Day bag and also the Bal. Courier bag that I use as a diaper bag for my two kids.
  5. I've been on the hunt for one, but it's hard to find a bag that size that doesn't start off heavy.

    I've been using the StorkSak Gigi

    I've been searching eBay for a Balenciaga Work or Weekender in Magenta or Pewter, but I have a feeling the bag is going to be a bit weighty before I even throw anything in it. :shrugs:

    I had purchased a Burberry tote in black leather, but the arm straps were too short for me to throw on my shoulder. :sad:
  6. I used a Balenciaga City as my diaper bag! It is so roomy and light and you can carry it with the handles or over the shoulder with the shoulder strap! It survived the diaper phase and is still going strong.

    Here's a picture. It's the Lilac one.
  7. If you look at my previous post, the Balenciaga Work is the one that is green.

    It is fabulous and not heavy at all! :yes: :yes:

  8. How much are you able to fit in your City?

    The work doesn't have a strap though, right, or is it the weekender? That's my only concern. Is that why you didn't use it as a diaper bag? Or you just didn't need something that size?
  9. I just got the Work last week, am going to use it for the first time this weekend when we go to Ireland and it will be my plane carry on.

    The City was my first Balenciaga bag.

    The Work does not have a strap, but I can carry it over my shoulder. I guess it would depend on your body type if it would go over your shoulder???? From what I have read on these posts, some can some can not.

    The City is not that much smaller than the Work. In the City I would carry a couple of bottles, diapers, wipes, toys, snacks plus my wallet, keys,sunglasses, phone...pretty much whatever I needed.

  10. I used a LV Monogram Reporter as a tote bag for days spent with my toddler. I put a change of underwear, diapers, juice boxes, snacks, and my own things inside.
  11. It sounds like a great idea, but, remember that babies tend to spit up, projectile pee, and even projectile poop. Bottles spill in them and destin and balmex leak out of the tubes on the inside. Diaper Bags take a beating and get really messy. I honestly would never be comfortable with a leather diaper bag - I needed something I could wash with laundry.

    A lot of times I would carry a backpack style diaper bag (Land's End has a great one) and carry my separate handbag over my shoulder or cross-body with the baby in the other arm.
  12. I travel pretty light, even with my daughter so I haven't had any spills yet. But you are right, for someone who is carrying formula or stuff like that washable would be key. :yes:
  13. I used the tall bucket by LV as a diaperbag/purse
  14. I have a clva leather backpack in my car loaded with diapers etc. but for every day I keep baby and kid stuff in my lv speedy and I just got the Hayden Harnett Nico XX (it is really pretty IRL) that can fit a ton (the opening is a bit of a pain, but it looks good and is light so I can deal with that). I have been eyeing that Gigi in chocolate though.
  15. OMG, a woman after my own heart. I refuse to carry a diaper bag. I have a 7 month old and a 3 year old so my bags have to be big. I carry a large gucci tote with charms. It is perfect b/c it is a good size, easy to carry, and easy to get in and out of. I also carry a Gucci large chain hobo. This bag is not as ideal b/c it feels like the black whole. Also, my large marc jacobs selma works well. Don't give in. Just get a big handbag. You will look so much better.