Designer handbag virgin!

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  1. I have no designer handbags at all and after seeing some of the bags you guys have posted, I have to say I really want one. I would like to have just 1 good designer bag (maybe Im kidding myself on by thinking I'll stop at one!) but anyway, I love lots of different colours of bags but I think i'll have to get a black one to go with everything.

    I really like the chloe paddington bag you have all been talking about in a small size. My birthday is in march so I wasthinking I could get money from everyone and buy it.

    Has anyone any advice for me? lol Will I be addicted to designer bags and never go back? :amazed:

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  2. This about sums it up!! LOL
  3. lol yeah I bet. How much did your first designer bag cost?
  4. Once you go designer, it's really hard to to go back. There some non-designer bags that I have seen and liked, but as soon as I examine them further, the turn off for me is usually the quality. I'd hate to throw money that I've worked hard to earn away on something not well made, or seems like it wouldn't hold up. I hope that doesn't make me a snob.
  5. That's exactly what I said when I wanted a designer bag a few years ago. I wanted a bag to go with everything! My first LV purchase turned out to be a start of an addiction. You have good taste for being a virgin! Good luck in getting a paddy!
  6. They are a slippery slope my dear, tread carefully!! have to say that my true designer handbag love remains Louis Vuitton, to me the Monogram Canvas is always sophisticated, elegant and durable, which are qualities I look for in a designer bag.
  7. Me too. Maybe it's because I'm a bit older, but I love a classic.
  8. I second that!!! Its LV for me. Others I purchase are for play or occasional use.
  9. I personally really don't like any LV bag that i've seen. Don't like the LV lettering and its on every bag!!
  10. Agreed with the others, once you go designer it is hard to go back. Or damn near IMPOSSIBLE :biggrin:
  11. couldn't have said it better!
  12. Once you go the designer route, it's hard to turn back. But like my daddy always tell other people "yes my daughter is a bagaholic, but at least my daughter doesn't smoke, drink or use drugs like your daughters would do." lol
  13. ^^ And used bags still have a resale value. Used drugs or booze...not so much!