Designer Gucci Pet Items at NM

  1. too cute! i just bought the cap for my dog. he's probably going to hate it but at least he'll look cute!
  2. Oh yeah dont forget NMLAST for free ship even on this little item!
  3. thanks i just got one too ! !
  4. wow! the retail price on those 2 items are ridiculous! $80 for a hat for your dog? And $105 for that ball? It's just going to get chewed! I wonder how many of those items they sold at retail price...
  5. love the ball but that strap is NOT going to last w/ my dog :smile:
  6. That's so cute! My dogs will tear it apart though.
  7. lol They are cute and a great price but I know my dog wouldn't use it.
  8. I bought a little cap and two balls for my dog (who also happens to be a JRT), hopefully the cap will look as cute on him as it does on the model doggie. Oh and my dog is going to LOVE the ball, he loves to play tug-of-war with us so now we can just tug on the strap.

    thanks so much for posting this, i would've never found out if it wasnt for you :love:
  9. If I had a puppy I'd the little cap.
  10. has anyone else received their items yet and is SHOCKED at how, for a lack of better word, cheap everything looks/feels??!!! I received the balls and the cap today and I was surprised, I guess I had higher expectations for Gucci pet stuff!!

    the ball is TINY and doesnt nearly look as big as it does in the pic. it's defintiely glorified in the NM pics. AND the cap is ridiculous, it's basically just a piece of canvas chopped into the shape of a front of a baseball cap.

    the ball is definitely going back but depending on how the cap looks on my dog, it might stay.

  11. i've only seen the ball b4 at the store and i always thought it's ridiculous how they can charge so much for it. i mean at least make it look a bit more attractive.
    lucky you got in on sale jen
  12. Eep bad NM! They didnt even say the size in the pics and at 107 Full price Youd think it wouldt be a tiny ball -- geez .. well I didnt get one for my kitties but thought the puppy folks might have liked those. I thougth the hats would have been like people hats with just holes for ears -- probably can look pretty cute though