Designer gift for others?

  1. Hi girlies!

    After spending some time reading through some of the posts and threads here, one question struck me. It belongs in both the 'designer' sub forums as well as in this general one, but I thought I should keep it here...

    The thing with me and my 'obsession' is that I rather spend my money on gorgeous designer bags instead of clothing and beauty products. My beloved fiancée does obviously not get 'what's the fuss is all about' and therefore he does not value the pieces as I do. When it comes to gifts for him, I would like to spend the equal money on designer things for him, since I value it, but since he does not - why bother? For his last birthday, I gave him a classic Rado watch, and that he did value, but I guess he did because it was more 'maleish' or some than a designer accessory.

    When I think of things that I want to buy for myself, I more or less always think of designer accessories before any jewelery / suit / dress / watch / hair/body/makeup product. And therefore I guess I think in the same way when buying for others since I enjoy spending money on quality.

    What do you give your beloved ones? Do you automatically think of designer accessories for gifts, or do you totally leave the designer thinking behind when deciding what to get for your boyfriend / husband / best girlfriend / ect...

    Soooorry for the long question... :shame:
  2. I buy what I think they would like! Some of my friends completely don't care about brand name stuff, so I'd rather they have something they would appreciate instead of not using it cuz it's designer... LOL did that even make sense?
  3. I bought my DH a LV wallet early in our relationship, but it became clear he could care less, so now I don't....there are so many other things that he likes, that I stick with what I know he will stuff, hockey stuff, travel...kwim?
  4. When giving gifts, you have to make sure you consider what the person is really into. They'd appreciate this more IMHO
  5. Yes, of course... Hmm, maybe the question came out wrong. I meant more like if you want to buy a wallet for someone, would your first thought be: "Maybe I should give him / her a *insert your preferred designer here* since I would like same", or just go to any other store to get one?

    Maybe that didn't make sense either. :sad: The question came out much more clear when I first thought about it. :confused1:
  6. Oh okay :biggrin: I get it now... Well, it depends. If the person would actually appreciate designer items like I do. But if they don't, I would just get something 'practical' or something they think is reasonably priced. am I confusing you? hehehehhe
  7. i bought him things he's really into.
    he's a crazy liverpoolian, and i know he'd rather get a liverpool scarf or a vintage wallet and bag for him than an LV wallet.
  8. Interesting that this thread started today. Just a couple hours ago I was seeing what eluxury had in the way of men's Louis Vuitton ties. I didn't really see anything that seemed attractive to me, but I'd like to get my dad (who is sixty) a nice tie for Father's Day.

    Anyone out there know another good, "high-end" brand for men that produces nice accessories? My dad will wear a tie, and I think he appreciates good shoes, as long as it's tasteful enough for him to wear to church! I can't think of too many men's equivalents to the handbag manufacturers we all admire.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  9. It's always best to think of what the other person would want rather than what you want them to have. Does that make sense? My MIL loves Dooney but I am not a fan so I would not really want her to buy me a Dooney.
  10. I, too, can't help but think designer whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    My best friend gives me Paloma Picasso jewelry from Tiffany's every Bday and Xmas. He's been doing this for 10 years. I treasure every piece.

    He loves scent. I buy him a bottle of manly cologne when I travel to Europe. Those are his Bday and Xmas gifts.

    One time I got him Tiffany's scent for men. It was the perfect way to reciprocate a gift from Tiffany's since he doesn't wear jewelry.

    Only give Designer when the item is absolutely perfect for the recipient.
  11. I once gave a little LV backpack to my cousin's daughter. The gift was not appreciated. I try to think more of the person's background / what they would like more after that, rather than my personal feelings about what would look good on them.
  12. I'd prefer to get a Liverpool scarf too! :yes: :yes: Who's his favourite player? Mine is Xabi *please don't go to Barcelona * Alonso.
  13. My beloved buys me Louis Vuitton and I buy him Movado or Tag or Tiffany's....I guess we're kind of on the same page.
    However, my parents don't do designer anything and so I buy them -basic stuff- whatever they like.