Designer flip-flops - is it ridiculous?

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  1. Today is the last day of the Saks shoe sale and suddenly these gold Prada flip-flops caught my eye - but then the price seems pretty insane for a pair of flip-flops (about $350). Anyone ever buy premium designer flipflops for full price before, or is that just a silly thing to do? Thanks.
  2. I'd wear them out too quickly to make it worth it. There are plenty of cute flip flops for much cheaper- I saw a pair of $300 Chanel jelly flip flops today- to me, it's ridiculous . . .
  3. I've considered buying the Chanel Camellia thong jellies...but I couldn't justify paying $300 for them. They felt sturdy and well-made, but they're flip flops! I wouldn't pay more than...$50 for flip flops. That's MY personal opinion though. If you really really really love them, I'm sure you'll find a "justification" for them ;)
  4. lol....if I could afford to, yes. But I can't afford that luxury just yet. For $300, I'd rather put that towards a nice pair of designer pumps!
  5. I like the gucci thongs, but I can't justify that much money. I don't even wear cheap jellies (well, not since I was 4!) so I could never spend $200 on jelly thongs... even if they're chanel. I'm happy with my crocs Athens, Havaianas, and Rainbows.
  6. OK, I am thinking that it is pretty silly. I don't LOVE them, and while techincally I can 'afford' them, I still don't believe in buying things that are insanely overpriced. And my first instinct is that flip flops should never be 300 bucks, high end designer or not. But I figure if I heard from someone who swears that designer flip flop can be worth the price, I might adjust my thought. But, yeah, I am thinking I will pass!
  7. I think for those who live in places that are warm year-round and practically live wearing sandals it could be justified. BUT I live in a place where we get more snow than anything
  8. When you say flip-flops do you mean rubber things like Havaianas? I've seen the Chanel ones and think the price is stupid and TBH I thought they were ugly
  9. I don't think it applies to leather sandal type of flops (which can be amazing and have great craftmanship) I but I def. agree with the 100% jelly ones.
  10. I saw some gorgeous leather Prada thong sandals on Thursday in Selfridges that were £180 ($360) so I'm thinking it could be those, if so they were 100% leather and beautifully made and well worth the price
  11. It is. 20 e ($30) is the max I'm prepared to pay, I'll use them in any weather so they won't last the whole summer. I prefer leather flip-flops with a rubber outer sole, cheap rubber ones are sometimes a bit slippery in the rain. I have a pair of some sort of flip-flops always in the bag in case it starts raining.
  12. ^ good point. The last thing you want to do is be caught in the rain with your $300+ flip-flops (heck, I don't want to be caught out in the rain with any designer shoes).
  13. I bought the Chanel Camellia thongs and I returned them. It was the black ones with the white flower. After receiveing them, I thought it was silly to have paid $345 for them. To me it wasn't worth it. I ended up getting the Tory Burch ones.
  14. Yes and no. A couple of summers back I bought BV flip flops, leather thong and rubber sole, and they're still with me. The soles are different from those of ordinary flip flops, the rubber is harder, so it hasn't been worn down. I don't remember the price, maybe 200 euros, I'd pay that again if the quality and the materials were the same.
  15. I'd rather pay $350 for a more interesting design than a flip-flop. My friend has a great pair of Jimmy Choo flat slides that are worth every penny... and probably just as comfy as flip flops.