designer exposure site - do they sell fakes?

  1. does anyone know if the site "designer exposure" sells fakes or not?
  2. Not sure, but the site looks pretty good to me.
  3. I hate to say it, but those items look good to me as well.:tup:
  4. Has anyone had experience with Designer Exposure - if their bags are real?
  5. I have purchased a few things, including an older style Prada bag and a Daryl K sweater, from Designer Exposure in the past. Probably over 5 years ago, so they have been around for awhile. At the time, they had classified listings from sellers all over the world. I believe they still ship from New Zealand and the US. I remember waiting close to 8 weeks for the sweater to ship from New Zealand. If I had known it was shipping from somewhere so far away, I think I would have passed on it. As for the Prada bag, I believe it's authentic, but this was about 5 yrs ago before fakes became so prevalent.

    I found this about the site:

    Apparently the site founder has been on Oprah FWIW.
  6. They're a consignment store and is real as possible for a consigner, meaning not all of them know how to accurately authenticate every brand of bag. I would still request additional pics if possible, and make sure they have a good return policy.
  7. I have purchased from them as well. Agree with comments from gymmia re: shipping costs. Ask before you buy -- shockingly high. Designer Exposure usually indicate if a bag is a replica or if it is authentic. The owner, who's name escapes me...I think Maria, appears to be extremely well-connected and sells only authentic merchandise. Have also bought from The Snob in Jacksonville, FL, Rula, the owner, also sells authentic, and has a todiefor inventory of goods!
  8. Do you know if they have a reliable shipping method?
    I bought a Costume National bag from them that was in their NY warehouse. Like an idiot there was a typo in my shipping address, so I'm hoping they use a reputable shipping courier that I could track my bag down!
  9. I just purchased some Manolo's from them about a month ago and I was really disappointed. They described them as perfect condition and both shoes were terrible when they arrived. Although they shipped from New York, I was told I would have to return them to New Zealand.

    Also, after I made my purchase, a disclaimer comes up saying that I have to fax over a letter confirming this is my credit card and verify some other information because it is my first purchase. I seriously wouldn't have purchased anything if I knew I would have to do a song and dance to get it.

    BTW, at least the Manolo's were real.
  10. I have purchased from Designer Exposure twice, both clothing purchases. My first experience was good, the second was not so good. In my first purchase, I got a great deal on stuff in really good condition. My second purchase was terrible: I bought a suit, and the jacket and pants were way different sizes (not described that way on the website). The suit was also really wrinkled and smelled like cigarette smoke and old perfume, as if someone had worn it many times, then just stuffed it in the mail envelope. I wrote to them about this, but they never wrote me back. I have no doubt that everything I have bought from them is authentic, but I don't know if I'll purchase again in the future.
  11. I have been a cutomer of designer exposures for over three years now, and all their stuff has been amazing!! my orders all came on time lovelly wrapped, I couldnt think of one bad thing to say about them!!! amazing bags
  12. I have been buying from Designer Exposure for the past two years, always authentic and quality new and used LV's etc. I recently purchased a Stephen leopard, Neverfull MOCA, vernis zippy wallet and a Leonor, for a grand total of $5000.00, three weeks later I finally get the package with the Stephen and Neverfull inside. You can imagine my horror when I pulled them out to see FAKES!!! the Neverfull is an obvious fake although a pretty good one, the Stephen is not even in the Stephen style, funky looking and so poorly made, I am sick to my stomach...has anyone had any problems with them? they now have a ton of LV's listed and when I check their pics, they are using pics taken from a counterfeit LV site. No one from Designer Exposure is returning my calls, or emails. Any advice on what to do if they refuse to refund me my money? I printed hard copies of all the ads when I purchased each item. I used my Visa, and wish I had used my Amex as they are better at protecting the buyer. It seems to me that things have changed there, they even told me they took the two bags to LV at Beverly center for authenticity before they shipped them to me, obviouse a huge lie.
    Please be careful if buying there.:tdown::cursing:
  13. Contact your cc company and file a chargeback ASAP

    They may want you to get confirmation of non-authenticity which you can do via caroldiva or authentic-luxury
  14. Call your credit card company right away. They should intervene on your behalf. Good luck.