Designer Discounts!!

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  1. Looking for high fashion without the high price tag? These sites can satisfy that urge. Surf and score Manolos, Dior, or Gucci for less than you'd think!

    1.) the sale

    2.) I've brought a couple of beautiful dior pumps!! It save me a lot of $

    3.) you'll find Miu-Miu bags and designer pumps from pervious season, starting at 20% off!

    4.) I LOVE IT!!!!!! You'll find labels like 7 for All Mankind, L.A.M.B, Nicky Hilton, and more!!!!!!!!!!


    1# Don't be taken in by terms like "designer-inspired" or "Mirror Image." They're just fancy ways of saying "Knockoff."

    2# Shop only at sites that have authenticity guarantees and solid return policies. Chances are they're not peddling fakes.

    3# Pay with plastic, NOT PAYPAL.
    Credit cards protect you from fraud and allow you to dispute a charge if needed!!
  2. I definitely agree with everything you've posted! :smile: I haven't tried but have heard plenty of good things about them. Thanks!
  3. o is stuff real? i for some reason always have questioned that site. almost too good to be true. i guess i was wrong. thanks for telling me about it.
  4. Katie, Yoox is definitely legit.
  5. thank you i had heard all of them except

    i'm gonna go hit there and see how money i can spend
  6. Yup, I love and everything is REAL!!!!!!!!
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