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  1. Hello Ladies - I am a new member. I adore purses. I have collected since I received my first LV at 16 yrs old (I am 36). I still have that purse, it is one of my faves. I have not kept most of my purses through out the years (dumb dumb dumb) but I still have several Coach, Gucci, DB and LV's. I dream of a Chanel. My husband doesn't completed understand all this so designer purses have slowed down since becoming a full time Mom! :rolleyes:

    ETA: My husband got me the Burberry Diaper Bag. I did not like it (no zipper, didn't think the card board inserts would hold up in a diaper bag - yes, cardboard, I even talked to them about this) and returned it to Burberry.

    Anyway, my question ... I am now a Mommy and want to carry a Designer Diaper Bag. The Gucci seemed too big and heavy for me (I am 5'1"). I think I have narrowed it down to the Coach Hampton Scarf collection. Anyone have this? If so, can you please post a picture and tell me what you think, is it durable, do you like it? Any other suggestions?

  2. Do they make Designer Diapers to go with it?
  3. I have the Kate Spade Diaper Bag. I use it for school and books, though. It's quite roomy and it comes with interior compartments to store baby bottles and stuff. But know that if you get the large bag, it really IS quite large.
  4. Nope don't have it but I'm a mommy as well and after having used "real" diaperbags (I also had a Burberry canvas/novastriped, which was actually pretty practical but rather a summerbag).
    I have now gone back to "real" bags, why don't you try a Balenciaga, work or city...I just love the Balbags because they are so lightweighed!
  5. LOL at ShimmaPuff.

    Hi Tracy, must it be a designer diaper purse? Hope you won't mind my posting a couple of non-designer totes/purses in case others might be looking for a diaper bag and would like to have more options.

    Etsy :: Diaper and Stroller Bag IN ONE RAVISHING RED
    Diaper and stroller bag


    BabyBugBoutique makes very cute bags:
    Etsy :: Sage Dragonfly Gingham Tote Diaper Bag


    Janine King Design
    Etsy :: JANINE KING Lrg Tote Diaper Knitting Bag - MOD DOTS Neutral


    On zappos, there's a leather diaper bag by Not Rational:

    Not Rational Handbags Diaper Bag Leather (Midnight Blue) - Diaper Tote
  6. they are not designers, but I used Baby Bjorn diaper bag (wich is very convenient) with my #1

    and Kecci Shanghai backpack (they come in different patters) with my #2

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  8. Here are some babies bags..

    Juicy Coutour
    Kate spade
    bugaboo diber bag

    I hope you like them ;)
  9. I have the LV one, but I think it's been discontinued. I love it! Maybe try ebay for a used one? Or, have a boutique see if they can locate a leftover one for you.
  10. I have a Coach scarf print handbag and Its absolutley grogoues but the fabric is made out of Satin (i think) and I am always worried I'll dirty it because the fabric is so delicate!!

    i.e double check the fabric of the diaper bag!!
  11. You might also want to check out oioi diaper bags.

  12. Some other diaper bags to consider are by Mia Bossi. There are bags have great zipper out liners so they stay clean and have great organization. Some are really big, but they have some smaller ones too.
    Mia Bossi | Welcome

    Also, if you like leather, here's one by Susan Fitch

    Cameron Nicole Designs also makes the Eve diaper bag which looks gorgeous and functional:

    HTH a bit!
  13. I love the burberry diaper bags. They have them in blue and pink, but I love the yellow. It is just classy and versital
  14. I started out using a diaper bag which was a backpack. Loved the ease, but I could never find anything in it.

    I ended up finding a large Prada messenger bag (the one with two pockets on the front of the bag), and its perfect. It carries everything I need with plenty of room for random things!

    I use one of the front pockets for my stuff, and the rest is the babys. When I go out alone, I just take the clutch that holds my stuff with me, and I'm off!

    Good luck! I know how impossible the search is!
  15. LOL ShimmaPuff, you naughty girl...:lol::lol::lol: