Designer Diaper Bags

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  1. A good friend of mine is pregnant and I want to buy her a designer diaper bag. She doesn't know if she's having a boy or girl, so I want to buy her something in a more neutral color. Any suggestions?
  2. i saw a woman with 2 babies carrying a LV mini lin messenger looking bag, not sure if it was actually a diaper bag, but it looked perfect either way. i want one and i have no babies.:nuts:
  3. i've seen the mini lin in the Purse Blog...but it's way out of my budget.I think like 1800 or something...I have the speedy mini lin and I LOVE it....maybe Ill get the diaper bag for day....:graucho:

    My budget is more like 400-500 dollars
  4. i had a question a few wks ago on the same subject. i ended up picking the burberry diaper tote . it retails for $495. plus it's a neutral color ... perfect in my opinion. i personally wantht LV mini lin diaper bag .. but it is a bit tooo much ..$1800 . good luck .. let me know what u decide.
  5. Ummm... I have no idea! I want the black Chanel one! & I don't have a baby!

    Maybe try searching on
  6. The mini lin is in Blackish (ebony), but also blue and pink. Black my be a bit depressing for a baby though, yet it's very practical.
  7. i have a posh baby bag- i use it when we are going out for a day or an extended amount of time. i really love it and i constantly get complimented on it. it's a messenger style bag, and the fabric is treated or something so that it can just be wiped should it get messy. there are lots of fabrics to choose from and i think they cost around 150.00. otherwise, i throw in a few necessities into my purse and that's all i need! many ppl get petunia picklebottoms, but b/c of the fabric, they don't last and they look kind of gross after a bit. (but they are very pretty)
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  9. Debbie Rott
    Born Out of Necessity
    Paulina Quintana

    and I totally second the Not Rational Bags!
  10. I heard that Coach has a Ltd Ed Scribble Diaper Bag that's supposed to be available online only and a portion of the proceeds goes to a charity. I don't remember which one, but I'll try to find the article where I read that.

    My daughter uses a Juicy Couture diaper bag. I think they're a little weighty, but they come with a cute little bib & burp cloth in addition to a changing pad. I think they came out with a couple of new ones that are made of nylon or some other kind of lighter material, but I don't think they're as cute.
  11. uh...i'm not understanding something here! i'm totally into my bags and love and buy great quality ones, but, a designer baby bag??? with all the formula/breast milk/crackers/lotions, etc., that will be thrown into it, what happened to good old fashioned practicality?! i seriously am not trying to offend, i just remember what a mess baby bags become with all the stuff thrown into them....
  12. They're not just handbags used as a diaper bag. Most of them are lined with waterproof linings, have lots of pockets, including bottle pockets, most come w/a changing pad. Handbags are HUGE right now. Did you really think that the designers wouldn't jump on the baby bandwagon?
  13. Petunia Pickle Bottom- they are pretty hot here in Cali my girlfriends all have one in different styles and patterns they are very versatile and hip for a trendy look. Nordstrom sells them or just do a search on the web.
    Or Juicy has really cute ones too.