Designer Demin Help For Dowtown Seattle Area

  1. hello im going to the downtown seattle area tomorrow and im just wondering does anyone know where i can get designer demin like r&r ,sevens, true religions in the seattle area other then Nordstrom??
  2. Try Sway and Cake next door to Nordstrom on Sixth Avenue, Barney's in the US Bank Center or Mario's on 6th Avenue.
  3. ^^ Right on, Roo! (If you're trekkin' to the burbs there's a Sway and Cake in Bellevue Square too). Happy shopping!!
  4. About 10 minutes from downtown in West Seattle there are two cute boutiques! Sweeties is my favorite, but there's another a few doors down called Camilla's, both sell premium denim. They're on California AVE in the junction.

    As far as downtown goes, besides the places mentioned you could look at The Nordstrom Rack, sometimes they have True Religions and Sevens. There's also Ian and a Diesel store.