Designer Cosmetic Cases

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  1. Any cute ones under $300?
  2. I forgot about that one, that is cute!
  3. Lulu Guinness does great ones, also Mulberry for a more classic line?
  4. i have a black gucci one.. its soo soo cute
  5. Prada - black
    i'm pretty sure mine was under $300.
  6. I have the mono LV Poche Toilette 26, a Juicy Couture terrycloth one, and my FAVORITE is one from Fluff.
  7. pucci
  8. I have the LV one posted by krmkjk but in Damier. It REALLY holds a lot more than it looks!
  9. i'm the practical one here i guess - i bought a clear zippered case from target for $14! but i do like the LV !
  10. I have the small brown logo gucci cosmetic bag

    The larger red logo gucci cosmetic bag - not sure what I paid

    And the HUGE Versace cosmetic bag with dividers
  11. i use prada too and its less than $300 i buy them in diff colors when they go on sale :smile: that way i get to choose which color i love to use
  12. Sometimes people on eBay sell those cosmetic cases that they received as a "gift with purchase". They average around $20 and you can find Chanel or Dior cosmetic cases that way