Designer cosmetic bags in addition to designer purses?

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  1. I'm wondering if any of us use designer cosmetic bags? I just use whatever came with a free gift of purchase.
  2. I bought a Prada cosmetic bag and it still looks good, despite having some makeup on it :lol: I was tempted to get a Dior one, but I don't really use makeup too often:shame:
  3. I have a Black Kate Spade cosmetic bag stuffed with Mac products !
  4. I use the free with purcahse too! I also tend to stuff my coach scribble stitch wristlet full of stuff and throw it in a bag. My make-up has the nice labels, lol, not what I keep them in. :smile:
  5. I have a lv cosmetique pouch to gi with my bags. I just love when everything matches.
  6. i've thought about getting an LV trousse to haul around all the little stuff i use in my school tote (cell phone, pens, mints, lipgloss, etc.) because i know the canvas is so durable, but it's not on the top of my list. i just want something that won't fall apart and look worn!
  7. I'm using this el cheapo makeup/pencil bag made of faux silver leather. It's cute, but definitely showing a little wear... So I'm on a hunt now. Basically the thought is $17-25 OR $200+, lol
  8. I use a cheap clear that I got as part of an xmas gift. I like to be able to see the makeup inside the bag.
  9. I use Prada cosmetic bags. I have one large green bag I keep my makeup in that I bought in Italy over 6 years ago and it's still in great condition. I also have a smaller black bag that I've had for a while too. I like them because they're simple and great quality.
  10. I lost my last cosmetic bag, it was a blue old navy one but I liked it.I guess I should probably buy a new one, it's not an enormous deal to me what it is as long as it's classier than hauling recepts, credit cards, and makeup around in ziplock bags!
  11. I use an LV monogram pochette accessoires. I don't need it often, though, since I rarely carry more than a lipgloss.
  12. I'm on my 4th LV makeup bag...I recently inherited my granny's gucci makeup is old and in PERFECT condition..its lovely! (she also had a gucci tv guide cover!!! its wonderful!)
  13. I'm using the same!
  14. Nah, I always make a mess with my makeup and I wouldn't want to ruin it :shame: I use an Elizabeth Arden makeup clutch bag that I got as a free gift when I bought some blush.
  15. I just use, as you said, whatever comes free with purchase.:biggrin: But inside my purse I carry a mini papillon with mascara, lip gloss, mini tube of hand moisturizer, etc.