Designer clothes for children, worth it?

  1. I don't think I will buy anything designer for my future children, they will wear smart clothes but I come from a very poor background and really want my kids to work for the nicer things in life.

    But of course when they are here, I will probably melt!

    What has your experience been when choosing stuff for your kids?
  2. I don't have any children myself but I do buy designer stuff for my niece, who is now 4. Mostly Juicy Couture. I also just bought her a pair of True Religion jeans at Loehmann's. But ... I will say that I buy everything on sale or on eBay at a discount. I don't pay full price for my things so I definitely wouldn't pay full price for childrens' stuff either!
  3. I don't have kids, but my brother is 13 years younger than I am. That being said, the most "designer" he ever got was Gymboree, Gap, or Osh Kosh. Seriously. I am w/ Lori also on her views.

    Kids mess up clothes so quickly and grow like crazy. In a month, the outfit does not fit!
  4. I always bought the most expensive clothes for my children. looking back on it now i don't think i would do it again, it was a dreadful waste of money. They grow that fast. I think a few nice pieces yes but not the lunatic way that I behaved :roflmfao:
  5. When my children were young I did alot of my shopping at upscale consignment stores. Most of the stuff I bought was still new with tags. I also loved the outlet malls. Oilily outlets were my favorite, they have the most unique and colorful clothes and the quality is fantastic. I still buy my daughter things from eBay. I get Lilly Pulitzer dresses for her for around $14.00 and they sell for over $60.00 in her stores. You can find bargins. Marshalls and TJ Maxx always have nice things. I don't think one needs designer lables but quality and comfort are the most important to me. Another favorite is Hanna Andersson website-they have swedish knit cotton clothing that is just so soft for a baby and child. They have twice a year sales with 75% off. My two friends in Florida do the garage sale thing around Palm Beach and in very upscale neighborhoods, they have bought some of the most beautiful clothes for their children--even got things from Europe.... So there are lots of bargins out there.
  6. Kid's dont even know the difference! I have no children yet, but my neices I've noticed don't even care what the clothing item is, they just wear it! What's the difference to kids? They grow soooo fast! I feel the same way about toys. Most of the time they get it, and open it. And are asking for the next gift to open. But theres always the one "it" toy they play with for a few days. (haha). So this year, we're opening the neices college funds and giving them a lot small cheap gifts. IMO kids just like opening a lot of gifts and they dont care what it is. So with all the cheap gifts, they can opening a lot more.
  7. I've spoiled my nephew with a couple Polo shirts but that's about it. My SIL has 3 kids and it's Old Navy all the way.

    I guess I always equate "designer" with a piece of clothing that is an investment and to be worn for a looong time. So that doesn't really work with kids' clothing since they outgrow it so fast!

    But I do think it's fun to get an extra special suit for a boy or party dress for a girl (designer perhaps!) if they need something for an event like a wedding or baptism.
  8. I cannot justify the cost for everyday designer wear for children. I've indulged for some special occasions, and friends and grandparents often give designer items, but most children's clothing doesn't last long enough to reflect a quality difference. The kids either outgrow it or play roughly enough (especially at school at recess) that designer clothing isn't practical because it will get ripped and stained.
  9. If I had children I would. I personally don't look at clothing as an investment. That said, I wouldn't be wasteful about it either. I like the idea of having properly dressed children, but I wouldn't have them dressed in party clothes for running around in the park, for example.
  10. I do it :shrugs:
    Not because its an investment, but because I enjoy it and I can :smile:
    I don't pay retail, I buy it at Last Call or on sale online. Usually it's children's designer though, not adult designer; like Oilily or Baby Nay, etc. . . .
    I actually can sell it for a good bit on eBay when we're done, my kids have so many clothes and I wash them delicately so tehy're in excellent shape even after we outgrow them.
  11. I do buy them - but rarely, never at full price.

    Anyhow, I've only got a boy. On a boy, one pair of pants look pretty much like another, and they get worn out so fast. I've bought him no name jeans, Talbot kids, Ralph matter. All of them have holes in the knees now :shrugs:

    I always think girls have more choice in clothing and can be 'dolled up' more, KWIM?
  12. TOTALLY agree.
    I should've said I buy designer for my DD! LOL!

    My twin boys wear nice clothes, but you really can't tell the difference between most brands for boys:sad:
  13. I don't have any kids, but I've thought about this and must admit; I'd probably buy designer clothes for my kid in the beginning, then I'd (probably) realize how fast he or she would grow out of it and buy more reasonably-priced clothes. That is, if I had a girl. I've seen some really cute Baby Dior stuff that was so precious I wanted to to get it even though I don't have any kids, but I figured that if I did I would jinx myself :p It's girl's stuff that's the cutest, boy stuff I think I would just get where ever.
  14. Many moms of boys (who have both boys and girls) I know agree with me on this, but for whatever reason most boys are really HARD on their clothes.
  15. There's not absolute answer to this question. If YOU think it's worth it, that's all that matters.

    My son wears RL, Sean John and Phat Farm, but I also have a ton of stuff from the GAP. I buy my Sean John from a place in the Bronx that carries them around 5 dollars off of retail; I feel I'm getting a good enough bargain.

    Another indulgence of mine on him is sneakers. I love to get him Nike exclusives, RL, and allweather Timbs. There's no excuse for the shoes, lol, because he usually outgrows them in a month! But luckily I've been able to pass on mint condition sneakers to friends. One of my friends' mom keeps getting on her for dishing out bucks for baby sneakers and my friend finally told her that she doesn't pay a dime, they are all hand-me-downs!