Designer Brands You Will Never Buy

  1. 1. Juicy Couture (mostly tacky styles)
    2. Hermes (incredibly overpriced and boring)
    3. Versace
  2. It's all depends on ur style and daily outfit... For me, Versace, DB, Burberry, LV colorful, Fendi r all Nono in my closet
  3. Coach
    Dooney and Burke
    Juicy Couture
    Michael Kors
  4. I'm new to PF and think everyone agrees that "logo" bags are walking advertisements. . however some of the desirable designers use certain designs/features on their bags? Balenciaga bags have the zip front pocket on a lot of their bags, Chanel, the distinctive quilted leather and double C , LV the coated canvas and we still buy those. well, not everyone of course.
  5. Coach Vera bradley fendi juicy couture Michael kors
  6. Right now I'd say Fendi and Gucci but then again taste changes overtime and so do the designs so who knows?
    Stella McCartney because I just think selling fake leather for that price is just insane.
  7. Hermes (rather buy a car with the cost of their bags)
    Michael Kors
    Miu Miu
  8. I think we need to remember that opinions expressed on bags/brands etc, are just that - opinions. Variety is the spice of life, and not everyone has the same tastes (I dislike rhubarb, it's over rated - but hey, that's just me !). My fellow LV lovers enjoy your bags and wear them with PRIDE ! !
  9. Gucci
  10. Hermes -too expensive, but I love Kelly
    Chanel - too expensive. I am a collector - I don´t see myself with just one bag for many years, I always want more from one brand / style and I can´t afford that in the Chanel department so I better stay off
    Guess - too loud
    anything heavy
    I don´t think I will ever buy Balenciaga - I am more into old school style and structured bags like Alma.

    I own and proudly wear one LV mono bag and I am thinking of buying a monogramed Gucci - although I am aware of all the negative thought around I still love these bags..
  11. 1. Gucci - mainly because where I live literally everyone at least has one gucci bag - fake or real. As long as it is gucci.
    2. Furla - Esp their candy bags. Too heavy and a rubber bag for that price? No thanks. Bags other than the candy bags are just plain
    3. Guess - I'm not aware that this is a designer brand? Anyways designer or not, their bags are too noisy and tacky

    That's all for now. May add/change a little in the future.
  12. OH!
    4. Longchamp
  13. Uhmmm for now, these are the NO - NO'S for me:

  14. Oh and Dooney too!
  15. I like Furlas...what is wrong with them? But I understand the candy bags are not for everybody.