Designer Brands You Will Never Buy

  1. I'm over brands, now that I think about it. The only brand I will buy is Hermes, but otherwise I prefer any nice, functional bag that I fancy, don't care if it costs $40 or less as long as I think it'll have a purpose in my "collection", whether it's the colour or style. I'm actually eyeing couple of pretty ones at a shop down the road, they might be *gasp* "inspired", but I really have no idea as I don't know any styles and models all the desingers are making.
  2. I have a lot of bags but one of all time favs is my LV mono speedy 25. While there are a lot of peeps out there carrying fakes, I still use mine knowing its real. Don't let the haters bother you, use your mono bags.
  3. You will not be disappointed! Of all my bags, my vintage Coach are still my favorite. Truly timeless.
  4. Totally concur! Never found appealing. Free advertisement for mediocre quality
  5. I think I would have to say a mcm purse.
  6. Lol!! At first glance ( I am laying in bed on my iPhone ) I read "mom purse"

    I am thinking - what the hell is that? Lol. Now I see it.. M C M. Ted hee. ;)
  7. sorry to say, but versace and fendi!
  8. Yes, I'm with you on that.
  9. Lol! I can see that.
  10. Fendi, Tori Burch, Louis Vuitton, or Coach... those brands and in your face logos just don't appeal to me much.
  11. I agree I do not like all the labeling as well
  12. My list:

    Burberry (I bought the Heathcliff Satchel yesterday and returning it)
    Chanel (I love them on others but I'd be afraid that it would rip)
    Kate Spade
    Michael Kors
    Tommy Hilfiger
    Any celebrity designed (endorsed) bags
  13. So right! No need to generalize people because of their bag taste!
  14. 1. Coach (A HUGE NO)
    2. Dooney & Bourke
    3. Juicy Couture
    4. Hermès (sorry, I think it's too heavy, boring and I actually think it's overrated)

    I hope no one got offende or anything :smile: xx
  15. My list:
    - Fendi
    - Gucci
    - Kate Spade
    - Michael Kors