Designer Boxes for storage

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  1. hey girls.. wandering if any of you can help.. i like keeping my bags in the original dustbags and boxes they come in... but some of the items i purchased did not come with boxes. Is there anywhere i can purchase just the boxes to put them in so they are alot neater? or do any of you girls have suggestions for pretty boxes to store individual handbags in?

    I have a few chanel, dior and versace bags that didnt come with boxes and would love to have a box to keep them in so they are stored nicely and dont get squished again each other
  2. you could just buy plastic boxes i suppose, but ud do better leaving them in their dustbags b/c it allows the leather to breathe. boxes dont.
  3. I'm not sure of any places that just sell boxes... I read an article once that talked about how much women love their designer boxes in their closets and few get rid of them - even after the contents (shoes, bags, scarves) are gone!

    And fashion houses don't like to sell them seperately so fakes don't ever end up in real boxes. Sorry, I'm just no real help!
  4. i don't keep the boxes, but my new favorite thing is my apartment is filled with them...
  5. I have a couple of these stacked on top of each other in my closet. I store all my bags in their dustcovers in the drawers. Target also sells individual drawers for this unit, so you can add more if you buy more bags.

    Only a few of my bags (LV & Chanel) came in boxes, so I keep the boxes at the top of my closet and fill them with scarves and hats.

  6. I agree, leather handbags are better stored in their dustbags, not boxes, or anything plastic. The leather needs to breathe.
  7. The Container Store and TJMaxx have both had some really cute fabric storage boxes lately.