Designer Boot Cut Suits?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Im pretty new to this forum and have recently been going out shopping for my wedding!!!! I went to Hugo Boss today and loved their suits. The only downfall is the pants. The coats feel extremely good and the fits are perfect. However, their pants feel like I'm wearing skinny jeans. I'm the kind of guy that likes the bootcut style. I like the look of the pants going over the shoe and need more comfort in my legs. Anyone have any advice as to which designers may have bootcut trousers for their suits? I know Boss has a tailored line where I plan on asking if they can custom make the pants but I'm also open to other designers! The wedding date isn't set yet but the earliest it may be is November so I still have time to find the suit. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  2. Theory
  3. Just go custom if it is for your wedding. Men's suits styles don't really change that much, a good suit will last you years.
  4. definitely Theory! they make a lot of boot cut styles.
  5. Wow, time flies!!! I want to thank you guys for recommending Theory. I visited the store today for my upcoming reception in about a month and a half. I bought my suit and I love it!!! I just need to get it tailored, buy some shoes, and I'm good to go. Man I sound like a girl. Oh well, I'm happy!!
  6. :lol: Nah, anyone can appreciate good-quality clothes. Congratulations on your wedding!