Designer beach bags?

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  1. I live in Australia and summer is up and coming :yahoo: and i am now in search of a beach bag, any ideas ladies? Any ideas or pictures would be great!
  2. Some would say the LV Neverfull fits this category. Check it out in Azur, maybe?
  3. What's your price range?
  4. Dont have a price range :smile:
  5. If price is not an issue then go for dvf...there is a marc by marc jacobs miss marc beach tote..plz google the above...otherwise beach bags can be bougt from flea markets..i bought sum cute ones from bangkok...or else try beach bags from sports brands
  6. How about a Le Pliage from Longchamp? Choose a funky colour and you'll be good to go. I use mine for pool/beach, fantastic!
  7. I'm from Australia too (Brisbane) and it is getting warm here already!!

    I just bought this cute bag from See by Chloe to use as a beach bag.

    I got the bright striped one on the far right of this link, but they have some others that are cute too. It has an inside drawstring closure, which keeps everything safe:

    I also quite like these Prada bags from Bluefly. They have quite a few colours:
  8. Coach Le Tan line is made for the beach and it is gorgeous...
  9. I would get the LV Neverfull GM in Damier Azure!
  10. i love the MBMJ nylon tate totes!
  11. I love the Balenciaga straw tote its $945 available at the Balenciaga store its gorgeous I will try and find a pic
  12. Princess pink and Simone we can't buy those brands in Melbourne :sad:

    Hmm Im looking into mj and lv bags at the moment! :smile:

  13. i love the feel of them!
  14. What about a Goyard St. Louis? I use mine often at the beach.
  15. IDK...I wouldn't take an expensive designer back to the beach...with the water, sand, suntan lotion... How about a nice straw bag?