Designer Bargains Stores .. yay or nay?

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  1. Has anyone bought anything from them?
    I went in to (Designer Bargains) yestirday in London (Kensington Church Street) .. they buy and sell used authentic designer items ... they are all authentic .. from shoes to gowns to bags .. most of the stuff is pretty grubby but if you look hard enough you could find yourself a good bargain ....
    Thinking of selling my old bags there .. it's s great alternative to ebay :smile:
    Not my chanel though!!! too much bag even for that place!! haha
    What do you guys think?
    Nay or Yay for designer bargains?
  2. Well I saw a thing on T.V. about a high end resale store in Beverly Hills that had some nice pieces almost brand new, used once or twice. A bunch of their pieces still had the price tags on them and all their pieces were all checked authenticity. (A bunch of celebs shopped there). That would be my type of re-sale store...
  3. Which store? Which store? :nuts: :P
  4. I would, if the bags are in good condition and are the ones you want - why not?;)

    You're giving the money to some other baglover who's doing the decent thing and releasing her unused bags into the arms of a grateful populace, after all!:lol: Authenticity and everything should be fine and the trade in second-hand goods only boosts the status of the top designers, so it really should be a win/win sitch.

    My second-hand experience so far is limited to e-Bay and I did okay, with a super Chanel bag (my first:love: ) but I put in A Lot of research and it was scary.

    I was actually looking for some dress agencies so will check this one out - I hadn't heard of them, though I admit to not searching too hard yet! I went to The Loft on Monmouth St in Covent Garden and have to confess it didn't impress me....:suspiciou not enough handbags!:weird:

    I was suprised to find Liberty on Regent St have a small second-hand bag bit, and they had some very nice Chanels with, I assume, no authenticity issues - the assistant was very nice too and very patient showing me everything even though I did tell him I was unlikely to be buying!

    Maybe the trick would be to brush up on how to remove grubbiness on things, there are plenty of domestic-goddess type forums on the net to search for info.

    Happy hunting!:biggrin:

  5. i LOVE consignment stores, i've gotten some great bags at the shops and online versions (, pricey but nice stuff). In NYC I love Michael's Resale on the UES (no online tho), INA and while I tend to sell on ebay instead (it's way more of a hassel but the stores take 50% of the selling price) when I part with treasures. Or I try to sell thru Fisch from the Hip, a consignment store also in NYC who charges soooo much for bags it's worth it to have her sell yours (watch out tho, I don't think the owner Tarin is very nice. Her employees are)

    anyone have any other good online consignment stores?