designer bags the new symbol of success..??

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  1. hey everyone....

    im kinda new to this whole purse forum thingy but does everyone here have a handbag fettish?:idea:

    im curently carrying out some research on designer brands and whether women work towards owning an authentic, exclusive, beautiful handbag just once in their life. Has the designer bag become the symbol of success? When you finally own one will you feel like your superior to others because you can afford a luxury that only the wealthy, rich and famous have access to everyday.

    Any ideas, thoughts or feedback would be awesome!!

    toodlez xox:love:
  2. ugh that's superficial. To think you are superior to others just because you have a luxury item.
  3. but come on, you know that a lot of woman carry around bags for that reason. I can honestly say, that I feel more powerful when I have a designer ya,maybe superficial, but the truth. However, I don't go as far as "look down" on people who may or may not have the purse of the moment or expensive handbags in THAT is superficial...and I laugh at women (and men) who thinkk they are truly better than someone else because of that reason alone. In my mind that shows i guess in a way I am insecure and it helps me feel a little better, particularly if it's a bad day.
  4. I don't think for a lot of us, it's necessary a symbol of success. Rather, we have genuine appreciation for bags. Many of us aren't too conscious about how other see us b/c of our bags. Gals have different things they'd rather spend money on. For example, there are people who spend fortunes on skincare and makeup. And there are others who will allocate that money for shoes or tops. For me, I like to bargain shop for clothes, never really was into buying expensive shoes. I feel like I can look just as fashionable as long as I have a sense of style and know where to find the goods. And for skincare, even if I tried using expensive stuff, if my skin can't handle it, I need to find something that it can, whether that be an affordable Mario Badescu vs. La Prairie. BUT, I LOVE handbags. I try to buy bags that aren't too trendy, therefore, I see it as a long term investment. And am willing to spend a good amount of money on it. Whereas clothes, I'd rather find trendy stuff b/c I know for a fact, I'll lose interest in it the following year. And I won't feel bad about donating it away. HTH!

    And also, I think buying luxury handbags isn't as hard as buying really expensive cars or houses. Therefore, doesn't necessary exclude out what you might consider 'average', or even 'below avg' well-off people. If someone wants her bag really bad and needs to use her c/c for the moment, I'm sure a lot of people are willing to do so. It's not that hard to spend $500-$1000 and pay it off then buy a $100K and have to pay that off.
  5. I think when I can afford to buy my own LV or Chanel, I'm going to have a sense of "Damn, I've made it", but I won't look down on others because of that. I think it is more of a self satisfaction thing to carry a designer bag.

  6. Hello! Sounds like an interesting project you're doing!

    Here's my two cents: I certainly do not buy designer handbags in order to feel superior to others nor do I judge a person based on material goods.
    I buy a particular designer brand if the bags are beautiful to me.

    Hence, there are designer brands out there that I do not buy because their designs do not appeal to me. I don't blindly follow what's supposedly "trendy".
    Likewise, if I see a bag that I think is really cute and it is not "designer" and it had a $10 price tag, I would happily buy that too.
  7. Here's some irony for ya'. I was a successful executive in the music business for about 10+ years. Used the same utilitarian purse the whole time. It wasn't until I became an animal keeper 4 years ago that I got into collecting handbags. AND - I didn't even own an expensive one until 2 years ago! So for me, it wasn't about success, it was about appreciating nice design and finally treating myself to well made attractive products. It's like a hobby. Once you get into something, you want the best. I could care less about impressing anyone. I do it for me. And for all I know, I will tire of it someday and move on to something else.
  8. Well said, bagnshoofetish:amuse: .

    For me, it's about enjoying the quality and lusciousness of a well-made bag, shoes, clothes, etc. Does not necessarily have to be a very high-end item. Some lower-end to middle range stuff are great too!! I don't tend to think in terms of "yeah, that makes me look successful", etc. But I can't speak for everyone. We're all motivated by different things so yes, I guess for some ppl, having a designer bag is a status symbol.
  9. I don't want to impress anybody with my bags. I just love the craftmanship and the design of certain designer bags. If i like a bag it can be a non-brand bag as well. I work really hard so it's sometimes a reward for certain projects and I just buy them for myself because nobody I know is into collecting bags so I admire them on my own. Especially when I have ****ty day I like looking at them to cheer me up. If you use it to feel superior you are not a true handbag lover just IMO.
  10. Fetish? No. Obsession? Yes.

    I love the quality and the feel of the more expensive (or designer) bags. Where I live no one knows who even makes the bags I carry (because I have been obsessed with Hogan for a while now), so it is not really a "status" thing in terms of how others see me, because they don't follow fashion. I don't look down on others because they have a cheaper bag (although I can't stand those damn sequined sack looking bags that are $20 at the mall and on the arm of every second person I see...enough already!!!), but I do notice when someone has a really nice bag. It's more that I am spoiled when it comes to bags. I don't spend a ton of money on clothes because I am really casual, so I like to have a great bag that is practical and will last forever because my bag is something that I have to take with me almost everywhere. It's just my thing. :biggrin:
  11. Not in my case. I had a great job making great money and only shopped for bags 100. and under. It wasn't until I worked part time that I began to purchase designer bags. At that time in my life I had more time to shop and began to love the details in everything from clothes to bags. If the quality was there I purchased the item.
  12. Personally, I think that designer bags offer more quality and superior designs. For me, my enjoyment of bags has to do with that. I also think that they definitly can pull together and outfit, and there is a certain level of enjoyment that one experiences while carrying a more expensive handbag.

    Arguably, some women definitly use handbags as status symbols. There is no denying the fact that an Hermes Birkin is anything but. Yes, it has fantastic quality, is unique, and a nice design.... but, in the end, I find it to be more about status than anything. The same goes for "It" bags, and Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas. When you have a sought after bag, or a bag that blatantly advertises the designer brand, you're carrying it with hopes that it gets noticed. Don't get me wrong, as with anything there are exceptions to the rule, but I believe I'm right for the most part. Personally, I love the Louis Monogram canvas, if there was ever a designer brand that you want to proudly display, it might as well be Louis Vuitton. Still, when you carry it you knowwww that people are going to recognize it- and that adds to the satisfaction just a liiiiitle bit. ;)

    Still, I think that a lot of people here, myself included, really do have an appreciation for hanbags that exits outside of the realm of status. Handbags are a work of art created by talented designers for our enjoyment! ( and their profit).

    So, I guess that certain handbags in the hands of certain people can definitly be alll about status, but that's not always the case.

    PS. You could argue this with any luxury item. Some people buy a BMW for the superior quality and design, and some buy it because it's a BMW, and that's that. :smile:
  13. I think any woman who has ever worn a designer bag in public realizes that she does get treated differently than a woman who is not carrying a designer bag. I am not saying that she is treated differently by her friends or family, however there is different treatment in retail and business. Men show off their watches and shoes, women purses. I once heard a retail clerk tell me that you can tell whether someone can afford your product by looking at the watch, handbag and shoes. Test it for yourself. Walk into Neiman Marcus or Fendi wearing any old Nine West purse, then try it again with a Gucci or a Fendi or the latest Dior. It is a different experience. Also often on the blog people speak of the reactions other people have to their bags. i.e. "I walked into this store and two girls came up to me and admired my new _________ handbag and asked if they could touch it!" When a blogger posts pictures of their new bag they like the praise and appreciation they get from the other bloggers. When someone asks which bag to buy, they are partially trying to figure out which bag is the "coolest" and the most desirable in a social context. Bags are part of women's social communication. I have heard people say that the Birkin, the top bag that you can buy, is actually pretty plain looking, yet it is the biggest status bag you can buy. Is it because it is designed so much better than other bags? Is it because it is so beautiful that it is really worth $5,000+? No, it is because it is a status symbol. It says to everyone, "I've made it". Take, for example Louis V. and Coach. These bags are often covered with Logos. Do consumers think these logos are beautiful and add to the design? LV bags are often made of canvas, which is not considered a luxury material. People purchase these bags at these prices 80% because they scream, "I can afford a LV bag!" and 20% because they find them "so beautiful" that they are worth the price tag.

    Even the most die hard purselover who claims that their purchases are 100% for art alone would admit to owning handbags that have been seen on the arms of celebrities within the past few years. Did we as a collective decide that the Fendi Spy Bag was the most amazing bag of 2005? Or, did all the celebrities wear the bag and then we thought, wow, that is the most amazing bag of 2005. Many times people speak of not liking a bag at first, and then growing to like it. I think this is the social consciousness taking effect. Other people like it, it gets buzz, celebrities wear it, and then the price tag becomes reasonable. Take for instance, the fact that the harder to find a bag is the more desirable it is. How can you say that is not a socially motivated purchase?

    I agree that most often people will not buy something purely because it is popular, however popularity comes into play more often than people are aware. The major fashion houses are completely aware that all they need to do is put their bags on the right celebrity arms, and have the right add campaigns and the right buzz and then sales will skyrocket. We, as consumers, play right into their hands most of the time.

    Take for example distressed leather bags, bags that look like they have been worn, like the Dior Gaucho. The leather looks like it has been washed in a washing machine, carries a distinctive smell, and the white color especially looks like it has been worn for years. Is this workmanship? Fine crafting? Yet the Dior stores cannot keep in on the shelf. Why? Is it because everyone loves it? Everyone, all of humanity it seems, agrees this is the greatest thing? Not likely. It is because it has been branded as the IT bag of Spring 2006.

    Most people are unaware of how effected they are by culture, myself including. We are also used to spending at least $1000 for a handbag, so today's $1000 was yesterday's $100. Little do we know that the reason the bag business is so strong is because the manufacturers and designers know what a huge mark up they can place on the bags that we will waitlist for. It does not take $2075 worth of materials and energy to make one Fendi Spy Bag. Don't argue that it is because it is handmade, either. Everything was once handmade, everything. And it was made well. Somehow our world has separated into two spheres, the things that are made on a conveyor belt, and the things that are not. The thinks that are not are now like diamonds on this earth. Leather, cow hide, is now a precious material because it is finer than pleather, plastic.

    Contact me via the forum if you want to talk more. I hope this helps your research.
  14. Also, are you researching for school or a paper or a magazine?
  15. Guys...Is it me or Does it seem strange that someone posting for the very first time is asking us these questions?????!!!!