Designer bags only?

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  1. Hi everyone! :smile:

    I'm fairly new and when I found the site I thought this may just be a general handbag forum. But from what I've seen I think it is rather for designer handbags? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I do own many no name bags that I really like, and I'm not sure I should even bother mentioning them.
    Other bags I own, possibly could be considered "designer". Maybe you can tell me if they are.

    Fossil (I own a good amount of them and always saw them as a investment in great quality purses)
    5th Avenue (Designed by Halle Berry, really not sure if they are but they are not cheap and genuine leather)

    I also own 1 Rebecca Minkoff bag which I know for sure is a designer bag.

    Maybe someone could enlighten me ;) I do plan to purchase more designer bags in the future...but also cheap bags from Zara, H&M, Mango, Six etc. as long as they look decent. I like to have a lot of variety and "bad weather/ dirt activity" bags.

  2. This is the sub-forum for designer bags that are not internationally renowned (yet) or vintage or high street or new brands or so on. It's also a place where people can compare all sorts of bags together without (too much) designer prejudice.

    This sub-forum is a very interesting place to hang out!

    I have plenty of bags that match the premiere designer brands on tPF but I also have PLENTY of 'no names' bags, though they tend to be either vintage or actually by the designer/maker just starting out.

    Your input and knowledge of the bags you have already is as valuable as anyone else's elsewhere :yes:
  3. Thank you for explaining! :smile:

    So I think Halle Berry's brand could possibly still be considered to be a designer brand that is not internationally renowned?

    Would it be okay to show off bags from Zara, H&M, Mango etc. on the bag showcase thread? I only have a few, most of my bags are Fossil or 5th Avenue. The rules only talked about fakes, not low end bags, so I'm not sure.

    I don't have a large budget, I am a stay at home mom (until summer still) so I only buy pricier bags about 2 times a year. I am hoping to be able to afford a bit more in the future and have been browsing low end designer bags to start with. :smile:

  4. Of course! :tup:
  5. Thanks for asking this! Most of my bags are also topshop/zara/the sak since as a college student I can't really afford anything over ~$300. I generally get one lower end designer bag as a present so I live vicariously through everyone's reveal posts
  6. 300 is exactly where it is getting difficult for me too. We just break even at the end of the month, so saving up that much takes some time.
    I am hoping to be earning extra money soon though, fingers crossed ;)
  7. There are fans of all kinds of brands on here. Here's where you'll generally find fans of other obscure brands..
  8. What I think you'll discover about the members here is hat we are all united in our love for our bags. Will love to see yours!

  9. Indeed! While I used to look more at premier designers (not because they were premier necessarily, but it just so happens I really liked their aesthetic and handbags more - Bal, Prada, LV), I am beginning to discover bags in a more reasonable price range like Furla and Henri Bendel. To me personally, and I think to most if not all other TPFers as well, it's more about sharing bag joy and learning from each other regardless of price point or designer/brand.
  10. There are bag snobs everywhere - someone has said that you either love high end designer or you're into Tesco's "Bag for life" (I have no idea what that is :P ) and to her it seemed like there was no middle road - but most of the people here are very open and have interesting bags & bag stories to share. I've actually gotten into many new brands and started to understand my own needs better after joining in.

    So jump in, show off all your bags regardless of price and enjoy! :smile:
  11. No way, I love seeing any bag there is! lol I have it bad...just bought a BCBG clutch, not sure if it's really classified as designer?
  12. That's what I love about Tpf, everyone here loves bags, whether they are high end or not.
    Amazona and the others are right, show off your bags and enjoy!
  13. My perspective is simple. Any bag I own is MBD (mine by design). I chose it, found a way to pay for it, and incorporated it into my collection/lifestyle. I will customize it (as necessary) to suit my needs. Yes, someone else may have actually designed the bag, but ultimately it is mine.

  14. I think that anyone who truly loves bags loves all bags. I have a lot of premier brands but they have to earn their place, I always stop to admire the Fossil and Coach stands and also the no brands, I have a few obscure NZ & Australian brand bags & I love them all!
  15. I think it doesn't matter if its a "high end" or "low end" brands handbags what really matter is (well at least for me) members of tpf are not supporting any fake products. I want to believe that this community is not exclusive for "designer" or "luxury" brand of handbag, we all have one thing in common we all love and appreciate any form, price and brand of handbag.

    I myself own a hand full of Zara and unknown brands handbag in my collection. I want to include them my siggy but they are way too many. Hahaha! So yeah I love to see your handbag collection.