Designer bags @ muddy music festival????

  1. I couldn't believe it, i've just got back from Glastonbury music festival, it was wet and muddy and everything I took with me was covered in mud!

    I couldn't believe it when I spotted a Chanel, a gucci and 2 mulberry bags!!!! Are these woman insane???? Desinger bags are surely not for muddy music festivals? Especially when the waehter forecasts for the run up all predicted rain.

    Would any of u lades do this? I just couldn't believe it! :confused1:
  2. Well, maybe some were fake & the others were just crazy!:nuts:
  3. No way!! Did they look stinking rich, maybe they were their 'old' bags!!!!?
  4. I might, just might consider taking a designer bag if

    (1) the weather forecast was good (and in the UK that would still be taking a big chance!)

    (2) I wasn't camping

    But there is NO WAAAAAAAY I would've taken one to Glasto this year when it was clearly going to be a mudbath! :nogood:
  5. I would never bring a designer bag..atleast not one that I cared for. But I guess an old one in bade shape would be fine, otherwise I would just bring a cheap one, that could be allowed to get dirty :yes:

    Crazy women btw :wtf:
  6. I think I'd be heartbroken if anything I owned got all muddy and wet...

    I'd just bring something old that I wouldn't mind parting with in the case that it did get dirty...
  7. I just couldn't bring myself to carry a great bag that I loved to a muddy festival in the rain.....I think I would put a lipstick and driver's license in my pocket and be done with it. I just mentally went through my inventory of bags, and I couldn't think of one that I would take out in the rain, let alone in the muddy grass. I just wouldn't do it.
  8. No way! Those women must not have been thinking when they decided to bring those bags.