Designer Bags in Zurich Switzerland


Jun 22, 2006
Hello, I recently saw a post about whether people see many French women carrying designer bags in France. Well, I'm curious about whether or not people in Switzerland (Zurich area to be specific) are into designer bags or if they are much like the French and focus more on the clothing than carrying designer bags or not on either one. I'm moving there soon and am uncertain as to whether or not I should take many of my bags with me. Most of my collection is Balenciaga, with a few YSL, a couple Chloes and Chanels and I'm needing to figure out what will work best there. I haven't gotten there yet and was only there 24 hours before so I couldn't check things out.
oh yes they do! and they carry mostly Hermes and the leather LVs-I've seen so many Suhalis and Nomades around even in the SM!:yes:
The reason is I guess that the Swiss have a very high income and they also host international organisations -same thing here in Vienna-plus that they attract rich tourists-the most expensive bags are usually carried by elegant Asian ladies or ladies from Muslim countries.
I remember Geneva has two Chanel b/s and I know of at least one in Zurich and there is probably one in Basil also!
I'd suggest you get all your bags with you and if you stay there for a long time I'm pretty sure you will need to buy more lol!;)
Just to add that their winter/ski resorts attract many celebrities and you'll see many high end bags in the cafes at the Chales on the Alps!
I wish you have a nice stay it's a fantastic country!:smile:
Thank you ladies so much for your comments! I'm so happy to be coming to Switzerland and I'll make sure to pack my lovely collection to bring with me. I'm thrilled to know they love designer bags there :yahoo:
Jadore how far is Bern from Zurich? I'd love to meet you sometime.
benr: My brother lives in Zurich,. I was there last summer, and yes, definitely bring your fabulous bags! Zurich is so cosmopolitan and hosts every type of person -- from hippie to euro socialites to old money, to new money. You can wear your fab handbags with jeans...or to dress up. You'll love having your fab handbags with you! Enjoy being chic in Zurich! It's a wonderful town!