Designer bags in the Caribbean

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  1. We are going on a cruise the beginning of April. Does anyone have any thoughts on purchasing designer bags in the Caribbean (St. Thomas, Jamaica, etc.)? Thanks.
  2. I knew some people that bought LV's in St-Barths, theres a store there so it's authentic, don't buy from street vendores or non-official boutiques. You may want to check ou the website of the brand(s) your interested in and make a list of the stores they have (or that carry them) in the countrys you'll be in.
  3. Watch out for the fakes -- a friend of mine came back from one of those cruises with 4 "designer bags, way cheaper than in the US" that were pretty obvious fakes.
  4. I'd only buy from the boutiques {Louis Vuitton boutique, Hermes, Chanel, etc. . . }
    and I'd find out FIRST about customs:yes:
  5. I also went on a Caribbean cruise and they are a TON of fakes (esp. in St Lucia). I saw a Coach store in St. Maarten and Barbados (sp?). Only buy from the real deal though, a-lot of stores claim they are real when they are not.
  6. Thanks. That is what I thought. I seem to remember a Fendi store in Nassau, but who knows. Thanks for everyone's input.
  7. I was in St. Barths over thanksgiving and they have amazing designer boutiques in the Gustavia area of the island.

    I highly recommend shopping there and in the St. Jean area of St. Barths... and I highly recommend visiting every beach there since each one is more beautiful than the next!!
  8. I went with my family to St. Thomas last year and there was an authentic Coach store. I believe there are no taxes on your purchases if you buy in St. Thomas, but the bags were regular state-side prices.
  9. Coach is sometimes made in Puerto Rico. I think they have a factory there. Maybe that is how they get their supply.