Designer Bags for the Budget Conscious

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  1. I'm aware of the Great Cheap Bags thread, but I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions for "lower end" (or at least, more inexpensive) designer bags?

    To put things into perspective, I'm thinking of "designer" bags/brands/lines in the same price range as Coach, Juicy, Kate Spade, and D&B. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MBMJ, but even that's pricey for me. (Well, it requires some serious saving up). You guys know much more than I do about bags & different designers, so I thought I'd turn to you for more suggestions. It doesn't have to be mainstream or popular. Just well crafted, nice looking bags.

    Extra bonus points for nice leather bags or things that I can get for cheaper from eBay.
  2. I think you can get nice Bulga or Kooba for about $200 when they are on sale...sometimes some websites have good deal..and the leather of those two are soft and buttery I believe;)
  3. Have you looks at Michael Kors? The have some nice bags for about $300. might be Michel, by MK but either way, there is a little bit of every thing as far as materials, sizes and shapes.

    Neiman Marcus has some of them for sale, but you can alway look at the MK website.

    Good luck!
  4. passerby- What a great selection of bags. I especially love the Via Spiga Jessica bag.
  5. Don't forget Hobo International. Great bags and reasonably priced, especially on eBay.
  6. Tignanello is another. Their leather is nice and I'm sure when I use to carry Tignanello that every bag was $100 or less. I saw one recently that had a nice nickel hangtag and the leather was extremely soft.
  7. This may have to be my workhorse for the summer.
  8. Also, I have a couple of Stone Mountain bags that are just as soft and lush as some of my much more expensive bags.
  9. I bought a Tignanella a few years ago from Nordstroms and the leather was WONDERFUL! It was even lined in leather. I believe I paid about $200 for it and it looks good even today.