Designer Bags for half price?

  1. I recently found a friend of a friend who has a business selling bags. Has business cards and the such. Do I trust her to sell authentic?
  2. I wouldn't! Half price, no way. What kind of bags exactly?
  3. If she's a friend, can't you ask her?
    No one can afford to sell bags for 1/2 price though, at least not authentic ones obtained in honorable ways.
  4. business cards don't mean anything. any yahoo can order business cards. you need to ask your friend for more info. no one can answer your question without seeing product.
  5. I'm curious to know what kind of bags they are too :huh:
  6. Sounds like someone who hosts purse parties. I would stay away.
  7. It sounds to shady to be true
  8. Sounds fishy but did they mean they would sell it half price to their (the owner's) immediate friends? Isn't that just wholesale for him/her?

    Then that does sound okay but if he sells all his bags half off the listing price, then a) he/she must be crazy to cut their profit, or kind or b) is doing something fishy, like selling fakes or stealing them....

    I'd just ask more questions and ask to see them.

    good luck! Fill us in if they are authentic! :smile:

    We all need another bag (like we need a bullet in the head right?)