Designer Bags/eBay & Sellers

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  1. How do sellers have inventory of more than one version of a designer bag, that Saks/Neiman's/Boutiques do not have?:shrugs::shrugs:

  2. are you sure they are authentic bags? :shrugs:
  3. They may work for/own a designer store
  4. No one can be absolutely sure they're authentic IMHO until you see the bag......:yes:
  5. Consignments

  6. ITA with all the previous posters. It's really rare that one person owns so much authentic stuff that they're dumping it on eBay; I've only seen it once, and the woman had an incredible collection of Pucci clothes, designer bags, etc. You could tell from the pics that this was major riche.

    She sold about 90% of it and removed the rest. Never had anything else to sell, at least not under the original seller's name.
  7. I know there are trading assistants on ebay who help other people sell high upscale designer items and charge a small fee for that.
    Also, some consignment stores and boutiques have Ebay stores. However, if you see somebody selling more than 4-5 bags that are exactly the same, chances are that they are fake.
  8. I agree I've seen a few consignment shops in my area (los angeles) that have ebay user ids and sell on ebay
  9. yes and some consignment stores have a lot of inventory
  10. I am always careful when I see multiple bags of the same style from one seller. And, if the seller is only using a stock photo from Saks, Neiman's, etc., I never bid on the item. This almost guarantees that the items are fake.
  11. I second that :yes:
  12. Definately agree.

    Also, most of the time, if they have more than one of the same bag - the photos are all the same not of the actual individual bags.
  13. an ebay seller with multiple bags of the same style??

    hmm... it's possible, but i'd be very leery (especially if they're all listed as new!)...