designer bag s/s (nyc)

  1. just found this online:

    Designer Handbag Sale
    (60% off Gucci, Dior, Balenciaga, &c.)
    Dec 18 & 19 (9:30-6)
    275 W 39th St (b/n 7th & 8th Ave), 10th floor

    don't know what that showroom is or any other info re: prices or additional brands.
  2. has anyone gone to this before?
  3. Anyone going? seems too good to be true...
  4. O i hope it's real I gotta get my gf a gift for and she is hinting about a handbag but I have no clues about that stuff. She mentioned a style but I forgot what it's called. I'm hoping to get my cousin to come with me and explain some stuff about bags.
  5. These group sales are usually disappointing...they are not the actual designer/house's sale but a third party. I will definitely pass.
  6. I think I went to this one last month. Was it posted on The handbag selection was quite disappointing and I thought the balbags (box styles?) were marked way up and then marked down to prices above retail. It didn't appear to be a sample sale at all. Maybe someone else went to this?
  7. Did anyone go to this? Just checking to see if it's worth it or not,
  8. I went to this sale in the morning. I was there around 9:40 and only saw a few people. They don't have a large number of bags, but some nice selections. They have some Prada, nylon ones in different sizes, two medium leather shoulder bags (one in camel, one in red), and a nice satchel in black. I also saw two Chloe edith, one metalic small paddington, a bunch of Gucci canvas in hobo, shoulder, small totes, etc., Fendi canvas satchel, a few Jimmy Choo small bowler, and a lot of Gucci, Prada assessories like wallets and key rings. They also have Hugo Boss wallets. The bag that I couldn't put down is a red twiggy from Balenciaga. It is gorgeous! They have it in black too. But I ended up buying nothing. Why? Like someone above said, the price was not marked down enough. Mostly just 40% off or less. I saw many girls, and guys, checked out the Prada satchel (about $1400) and the twiggy (about $1300), but put them back after checking the tag. There is a really nice Hugo Boss wallet for man that I'm interested in. It was $149 marked down from $219, but I didn't get it.
    However, I got a bunch of cute cashmere sweaters on my way out. They are about $50 each. They also have some selections from Joli, Free People, Jill Stuart, and some European designer I don't recognize. Again, the discount is not that impressive.
    I agree that these are third party sellers because it seems the girl who sells sunglasses (juicy, Gucci, Dior, Kate Spade, etc.) doesn't know the other girls work there.
    In general, I don't think it's worth of going if you have to make a special trip. but if you are just like me who is in the area anyway, you can stop by to see if there are any surprises.
  9. Thanks for the fabulous update color_wind! Definitely saved me a trip.
  10. thanks for the great report color_wind. Definitely saved me a trip.